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Voting: 2012-10-13 00:01

Ready for a fresh batch of trade setups? This week we have two major pairs and two crosses! Check ’em out!

GBP/USD Short by Pip Devil

AUD/CAD Short by pipballer

GBP/USD Short by jenesaisquoi

EUR/JPY Long by donnapinciotti

Voting ends on October 14, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST so make sure you vote before then!

Submission: 2012-10-08 00:00

Want to be the next big winner? Here’s your chance!

We’re officially starting the Trade of the Week contest for October 8 to 12, 2012! To join, just follow create your own thread in the Trade of the Week forum and follow the template below:

Thread Title: XXX/XXX (Position)
*XXX/XXX is the currency pair, position is LONG or SHORT
Currency Pair, Time Frame
Long or Short:
Entry Point:
Stop Loss:
Profit Target:
Trade Explanation:

Remember, you’ve got until 11:59 pm EST on Friday, October 12, 2012 to submit your entries, so there’s no excuse to not share that brilliant trade idea of yours!

Good luck and happy trading, guys!

Winner: 2012-10-08 00:00

Time’s up, folks! The poll is now closed and it’s time to announce the Trade of the Week!

The winner is none other than…


With this short NZD/USD trade idea, she was able to bag over half of the votes to take home the crown and become the first Trade of the Week winner for Q4 2012.

Congratulations, littlebopip! You’re taking home a whole bag of prizes:

  • You’ve earned $10 to donate to any charity in our Golden List of Charities.
  • Your trade will be featured on our homepage for a week.
  • You get serious bragging rights!