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Winner: 2011-10-17 00:01

Four trade ideas were submitted, but one walked away with a landslide victory! Earning 50% of the total votes, the Trade of the Week for October 17 to 21, 2011 belongs to none other than…


Welcome to the Trade of the Week Hall of Fame!

True to his name, PureMuscle muscled his way through the competition to emerge victorious. Take a look at the EUR/USD trade idea that got him 47 votes:

EUR/USD Short by PureMuscle

Long or Short: Short
Entry Point: 1.3865
Stop Loss: 1.3910
Profit Target/s: 1.3700 / 1.3500 / 1.3200
Reward-to-risk Ratio: All you need to know is that it’s huge!
Risk percentage: 2%
Indicators used: Fibonacci, Stochastic, BigE

If you want to learn more about his trade idea, I suggest you check out PureMuscle’s thread on EUR/USD. He even posted a chart showing the percentage of open short positions for the pair!

So that wraps up another edition of Trade of the Week. Tune in again this weekend to see more trade setups from your fellow traders!

Voting: 2011-10-15 00:00

The entries are in and you know what that means – it’s time to exercise your setup-spotting skills! It looks like we have four risk aversion plays battling it out. Which one of these trade ideas will most likely earn you pips next week?

EUR/USD Short by PureMuscle

AUD/USD Short by PipDevil

AUD/JPY Short by Eddardstark

GBP/USD Short by Pinggwyn

Cast your vote on the poll below and tune in on Sunday (October 16, 2011) at 12 midnight EST to see which idea won as the Trade of the Week!

Submission: 2011-10-14 00:01

After all those sweet moves this past week, I’m sure that you can’t wait for next week’s trading! Now’s the time to submit your trade ideas and show the rest of the community what you’ve got!

If this is your first time to submit a trade to the Trade of the Week contest, no worries! Just follow the simple format that we’ve outlined in the official rules and regulations, and make sure you put your trade idea under the Readers’ Choice: Trade of the Week forum.

Remember, the submission period is from 3:00 a.m. EST to 11:59 p.m. EST Friday, October 14, 2011.

Better act now and start scanning the charts for some sweet setups!

If you don’t have any trading setups in mind, don’t fear little one! You can still let your voice be heard by voting for your favorite setup! Voting will be open from 12:00 midnight Saturday October 15, 2011 to 12:00 midnight Monday, October 17, 2011.

If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to ask me below!