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SIX awesome trade ideas, but there can only be one winner.

Can you guess who took home the bacon for this week’s Trade of the Week contest?

Put your hands up for none other than monstapips and his trade idea on EUR/USD!

Not only will he be featured on the homepage for a week, but he’s also entitled to a $10 donation to a charity of his choice from our Golden List of charities! Congratulations!

For the other five piptastic traders who also submitted their ideas, don’t lose hope! Submit your entries for another upcoming contest that I will announce at the end of the week. Who knows, next time, it might be your name I’ll be proudly announcing!


Submission time is over, folks! It’s time to put your trading skills to a test!

Which one of these setups will most likely earn the most pips next week? Is it the EUR/USD trade setup? The comdoll trades? or the yen crosses?

  • EUR/JPY Short by littlebopip
  • GBP/JPY Short by Jabroni
  • AUD/CAD Short by PSalda
  • EUR/USD Short by monstapips
  • AUD/CHF Long by digitalgypsy
  • GBP/USD Long by Justin Pipper

Had fun studying each entry? The poll below will close at 12:00 a.m. EST on May 27, 2012, so make sure you make your vote count!

Aren’t you glad it’s Friday? I, for one, am, because it means that we’re going to see some great setups on the Trade of the Week contest! To join, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the forums and create a thread under the Reader’s Choice: Trade of the Week forum.
  2. Read the official rules and regulations and make sure that you follow the submission format.

Easy enough, huh?

If your trade entry bags the crown, our wizard admin team will contact you again via your forum thread or private message to ask you to choose from our list of charities. will then donate an additional $10 to your chosen charity.

Remember, the submission period is from 3:00 am EST to 11:59 pm EST Friday!