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Winner: 2012-03-19 00:00

The votes are in and the forex tribe has spoken! Garnering nearly 50% of the votes, the Trade of the Week award goes to none other than Pip Devil!

This is his seventh time to make it in our Hall of Fame of Trade of the Week winners! Congratulations, buddy!

Check out his long GBP/USD trade idea that bagged him the crown this week, along with the chance to contribute to a good cause:

Long or Short: Long

Entry Point: At the open of next week (1.5845)

Stop Loss: 100-pip trailing stop

Profit Target/s: 1.6000 (or none, if you want to let the trade run)

Reward-to-risk Ratio: Depends on the exit

Risk percentage: 2%

Indicators: 200SMA

If you want to view the rest of the details and maybe join Pip Devil on this trade, check out his long GBP/USD trade idea.

Again, congratulations to Pip Devil! For winning the Trade of the Week, you have earned $10 to donate to any charity in the Golden List of Charities.

Also, since we got a total of FOUR submissions to this week’s contest, we will be donating $4 to the Charity of the Month – World Vision!

Woo! Sharing trade ideas has never been this fun and fulfilling! Keep those trade ideas coming, folks. The next contest is just around the corner! Remember, the more you trade, the more we aid!

Voting: 2012-03-17 00:01

The submission period is over, folks! You know the drill — it’s time to hit the polls and vote for your favorite trade idea! This week, we’ve got 4 brave souls stepping up to bat! Who will earn $10 for his charity of choice?

AUD/JPY Short by donnapinciotti
USD/CHF Long by pottermoar
USD/CHF Short by dudest
GBP/USD Long by Pip Devil

Cast your votes before it’s too late because the poll will close at 12:00 a.m. EST on March 19, 2012.

Good luck to all and may the best trade idea win!

Submission: Trade of the Week for March 19 to 23, 2012

Before y’all set off for the weekend, make sure you find time to stretch your charting muscles and share some of your trade ideas for next week!

Remember, this contest is open to both pros and newbies alike! So don’t be ashamed! We’re all here to learn and improve as traders!

Don’t forget, is also conducting its You Trade, We Aid campaign! This means that for each COMPLETE trade entry submission, we will be donating $1 for each to this month’s chosen charity, World Vision.

And that’s not all! If your trade idea receives the most votes, not only will your name forever be etched in the Trade of the Week Hall of Fame and your trade idea be showcased on front page for an entire week, but we will also be contacting you via your forum thread to ask you which of our chosen charities you want us to donate an additional $10 to. Awesome right?

Just make sure you follow these three steps:

  1. Go to the Reader’s Choice: Trade of the Week forum and start a new thread.
  2. Make sure you follow the simple format in the official rules and regulations of the contest.
  3. Watch your fellow forex fanatics vote for your setup!

Lastly, don’t forget that the submission period ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, March 16, 2012. So what are you waiting for? Send those trade ideas in!