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You cast your votes, and we listened! The winner of the Trade of the Week Contest for July 11 to 15, 2011 is none other than… mattspips !

Our buddy mattspips fielded a sound EUR/USD long trade last week.

Check out how it fared!

EUR/USD, 4-hour

EUR/USD 4-hour Chart

Long or Short: Long

Entry Point: 1.4260

Stop Loss: 1.4200

Profit Target/s: 1.4550

Reward-to-risk Ratio: 4.8

Indicators used: Stochastic (14, 3, 3)

Trade Rationale: With the recent numbers that just came out early today, USD showing weak with the terrible NFP, the Euro showing strong with the EU raising the interest rate, should spur some people getting on the carry trade.

Congratulations, mattspips! You are now a member of the elite Trade of the Week Hall of Fame! Don’t forget us when you become rich and famous!

As for those of you who didn’t bring home the bacon this week, don’t fret because we’ve got a clean slate ahead of us!

Just remember to stay sharp and be on the lookout for any setups that may arise. Who knows, it might just land you a ticket to the Trade of the Week Hall of Fame!


The submissions are in, so it’s time to vote for your favorite trade setup for this week! I have compiled a neat list of the setups that have been submitted by our users. Take a look at which trade you think is best and vote for it. Represent yo!

  • EUR/USD Long by mattspips
  • USD/CAD Long by Donnapinciotti
  • USD/JPY Long or Short by PipDevil
  • EUR/USD Long or Short by aceanibal
  • AUD/USD Short by JustinPipper

A pretty interesting set, don’t you think? Vote wisely and vote now!


Good day to you my forex friends! Before you head off to the club and party the weekend away with Big Pippin and his crew, make sure you submit your awesome trade ideas for next week!

For all you newbies out there, this is the time to put everything you’ve learned in the School of Pipsology to the test!

As for the pros, let’s see if your trade idea sticks out from the rest!

If you believe your trade idea has what it takes to be chosen as the Trade of the Week, then don’t hesitate to submit your setup!

The submission period is only from 3:00 am EST to 12:00 midnight EST Friday, July 8, 2011, so make sure your idea doesn’t get left out!

If you don’t have a trade idea, don’t worry! You can still participate in the Trade of the Week contest by casting your vote! The voting begins at 12:00 midnight EST on Friday (July 8, 2011) and will close at 12:00 midnight EST on Sunday (July 10, 2011).