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Winner: 2011-8-7 23:55

The votes are in folks. Garnering 47 votes, the Trade of the Week winner is…


Such an odd name, but the readers seem to like his long AUD/USD setup. Will you take his trade suggestion?

According to him, there has been strong support at 1.0450 in the past and with the RSI < 30, the pair is going to rise up! If you want to see the chart and know more about the trade, head on over to the discussion thread that he created in the forums!

AUD/USD Long by Jaborni

Alright, that’s it for this week’s edition of Forex Ninja’s Trade of the Week. Hopefully, we’ll get more submissions then!

Voting: 2011-8-6 00:00

It looks like Jabroni and Manipakyaw are going head-to-head in this week’s contest. Both setups involve the U.S. dollar. Jabroni thinks it’s time to go long AUD/USD while Manipakyaw bets that USD/JPY would rally.

Two setups. One winner. Who will win this week’s Trade of the Week? It’s up to you to decide. Cast your votes now!

Submission: 2011-8-5 00:02

Y’all catch the big moves this week? If you didn’t, don’t worry. That just means that there will be plenty more in store for us next week! And on to more good news – I’m now opening the floor for your awesome trade ideas for the week of August 8 -12, 2011!

So why not scout your charts and see if you can find a winning setup for next week? Who knows, you might be the next name on the Trade of the Week Hall of Fame!

But hurry up folks, because I’m only accepting trade ideas until Friday (August 5) at 12:00 midnight EST. Hey, you gotta leave time for voting, right?

So pause your Facebook games for a while and get busy with your charts! Good luck and may the best trade idea win!

Submit trade ideas for August 8-12, 2011

Oh and remember to read the official rules and regulations first, will ya?