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Is it just me, or does it seem like every time you turn on the TV nowadays, you hear something about Twitter? You may have noticed that we have been playing around with Twitter for a little while now, as I’ve been managing the account for the best forex site ever – you can follow us here: @BabyPips. 🙂

twitterIf you are not familiar with Twitter, it is basically a a free "micro-blogging" service where you can write short messages up to 140 characters via the website, text messages from your celly, or various third-party Twitter apps. It’s kind of like Facebook’s status messages. People who "follow" your account will see your messages and you can also reply back and forth. It might sound stupid at first (we thought so, too), but it really gets addicting! Especially since there are a lot of people using it that we wouldn’t normally interact with – celebrities, top business executives, and other people with like interests around the world. If you’re interested in learning more, Mashable has written a ton of posts about it and provides a nice collection of them in their Twitter Guide Book.

So, after more than a few months of playing around with Twitter, I’ve noticed that the forex space is pretty spammy. A lot of forex accounts I’ve seen do nothing more than provide a feed of their own blog posts, drop links to affiliate schemes and make money scams, post automated tweets and retweets, and provide no real interaction – which is the whole point of social media, no?

Fortunately, we have been able to find some legitimate people to interact with and some cool people have found us, too. I just wanted to point out some of these legit tweeps because I’ve had fun and picked up a few things by following them, and I want to provide you with a good starting list of people to follow.

So, the following tweeps are all forex traders or forex newbies who tweet about stuff like current news, specific trades, favorite sites, software they use, commentary, observations, and some personal quips here and there. They also tend to participate in the conversation, so they are likely to respond to you if you want to interact with them:

(You can follow all of these accounts with just one-click!)

  • @50pips – This is an interesting account to follow as this trader targets 50 pips per day in the forex markets and provides live commentary and trades.
  • @BlackmanCapital – Jeffery Blackman is risk-averse private trading firm and system designer that swing trades forex and U.S. Equities. His tweets include trading advice, commentary, and he interacts a lot with his followers.
  • @BladeTrading – Eduardo Gertum is a self-taught and self-employed forex trader. His tweets include commentary and specific tweets, and he tweets a lot!
  • @caseystubbs – Casey Stubbs is a forex trader who blogs about trading and seems to enjoy helping others. His tweets include some forex news and commentary, and a lot of interaction with his followers.
  • @CzarinaCleo – Czarina Cleopatra has a lot of interests, a new one of which is forex trading. Her tweets include currency trading with a mixture of other interesting, motivational, and personal tweets.
  • @ezwandanial – Ezwan Danial is a full-time pravate equity trader who is involved with stocks, forex, futures, and options. His tweets include commentary and specific trades mixed in with personal tweets, making him a great, genuine user to follow.
  • @forex – Arnaud Jeulin is the founder of and the lucky guy that got snatched the @forex username! Fortunately, he doesn’t abuse the account like you might expect. His tweets give off a nice personal touch with specific trades and some news.
  • @fxAlHabib – Al Habib lists himself as a forex trader, sales executive, business consultant, and analyst. His tweets include specific trades and observations.
  • @InEgoVeritas – Christian Gagnon is an intermarket forex trader whose focus is on macroeconomic with an eye on SPX, oil, gold, USTs, and geopolitics. His tweets include news, commentary, observations, and a lot of interaction. He tweets a lot!
  • @jtorres0512 – We don’t know much about Jessica Torres, but she sure is into the forex! Her tweets include news and commentary, as well as a few personal quips here and there.
  • @MatthewsMgmtGrp – Derrick Matthews is a trader who specialized in preserving capital and risk. His primary focus is forex and equities. His tweets include commentary, observations, and specific trades.
  • @nicasalvacionPH – Nica is a forex trader who also has many other hobbies including photography and cooking. Her tweets include news and commentary, along with occasional tweets about her other hobbies.
  • @pipmaestro – German Santos is a forex trader and engineer. His tweets include news and specific trades.
  • @ragheehorner – Raghee Horner is a currency trader, author, and total chart junkie. Her tweets include commentary, observations, and a lot of charts!
  • @ryanfabros – You gotta love Ryan Fabros’ bio: "Can I haz some pips??" His tweets include news, commentary, and the occassional personal quips.
  • @SweetForexPip – SweetForexPip is a new trader with a fitting name! Her tweets include specific trades, news, and commentary.
  • @TraderCisco – S. Cisco is a forex trader who enjoys sharing his insights on the market. Hi tweets include commentary and observations with a personal touch that makes him another great, genuine user to follow.
  • @wallstbarbie – Dana Efremovska’s bio says she is a "forex trader wanna be cleverly disguised as a sexy accountant." Need we say any more?

Last, but not least, @CMEGroup is the big Twitter player in our niche. While not forex-specific, the tweeter behind the account does a great job of interacting with the community and provides economic and financial news from various sources.

Do note that there are some forex companies that have Twitter accounts and simply post updates and/or provide support for their software. These type of accounts may make sense and may be useful to follow, but we didn’t include them because there are so many. If you are using specific software or like a certain company, you should be able to find their Twitter accounts pretty easily via the Find People tool.

Also, I enjoy following and interacting with a lot of you who tweet a lot about personal stuff, which is perfectly fine, but I wanted to keep this list limited to people whose tweets and conversations are mostly forex-centered. Feel free to drop your Twitter username in the comments below.

So I lied about there being only 20 tweeps, there’s actually 24 because you can’t forget to follow our Twitter accounts!

  • @BabyPips – As mentioned previously, this is the official account for and is managed by yours truly! I like to tweet stuff like updates to the blogs here, inspirational quotes to get you going, and I’m trying to start something new with pop quiz questions to keep you on your toes! Feel free to interact with me here, as I try to reply to everyone!
  • @FreshPips – This is the official account for our forex news site: Follow us here to stay on top of the freshest and most relevant currency trading news handpicked by forex traders!
  • @ReviewPips – This is the official account for our forex reviews site: It is managed by the notorious Sir Scam-A-Lot, who we captured and turned him to the good side. He tweets about the latest reviews for brokers, education, tools, systems, and services. If something sounds too good to be true, don’t be a sucker. Check with ReviewPips!
  • @AskPips – This is the official account for our forex questions and answers site: Follow us here to get the latest questions and answers made by forex traders just like yourself! If you have a forex related question, ask away and get real answers from real traders!
  • @MeetPips – This is the official account for our forex trading community: MeetPips is a community for forex traders who wish to become more disciplined and consistently profitable. Create and share your trade journal, monitor your trade performance, meet and learn from other traders – all for free!

Follow all of these accounts with just one-click!

[Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the information posted on Twitter is general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. You should use the information for demo purposes only!]