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The future is here! Nope, I’m not talking about Robopip‘s landing on planet Earth. This is about the world’s very first open trading platform – Tradable!

Tradable was hailed as “The Most Innovative Financial Company” in the forex industry during the recently concluded Forex Magnates Summit. What makes it unique is its amazing app store.

It features an app store similar to the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play, except it’s designed specifically for forex trading. It houses a handful of applications that are designed by third-party developers.

You can find an app for almost anything you need – charting software, EAs, indicators, news, and even games! Talk about a fully customized trading experience!

The apps usually allow trials from 5 to 90 days, so you can test them before you decide to purchase them. Most apps will set you back between $1 and $5, while others charge a subscription fee of up to $20 a month.

The beauty of the app store is that clients are protected from purchasing programs from shady sources that may not deliver service at par with expectations.

It goes without saying that there has been a lot of interest in the app-based platform ever since it was launched. Traders, app developers, and brokers alike found its unique offerings very promising.

In fact, leading financial products companies like Knowsis and Corrsight have already begun developing apps for the platform.

It has already been picked up by two brokers. Last month, FSA-regulated Tradenext became the first broker to go live with the Tradable platform. And earlier this month, London-based SVSFX followed suit.

With the Tradable platform gaining praise from all around (even from established institutions such as Financial Times and CNBC) I wouldn’t be surprised if other brokers tie-up with Tradable as well.

It could become a very popular choice among those who wish to expand their client base and differentiate themselves from other brokers.

It’s nice to see new innovations like this in the retail forex industry. Revolutionary products like this increase competition in the industry, as we see that more and more brokers are trying to set themselves apart by offering alternatives to your run-of-the-mill platforms.

More importantly, it shows us that industry players aren’t content with the status quo and are continuously trying to push the envelope to give traders a better experience.