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First of all, kudos to forum member littlebopip for being brave enough to submit her system into this month’s Best Forex Trading System contest! Even though she’s a relative noob, she’s thrown her hat into the ring and is giving it a shot!

Her EMA-ADX system is a simple trend-following system that uses a 20-EMA to establish the trend, and the ADX (12) indicator to determine how strong the trend is. Pretty simple, eh?

Think your system is better? Well, the good news is that you still have 10 DAYS to submit your system. Who knows, the awesome people here at might just love your system and vote for it.

And if your trading system gets enough votes to win the September contest, your system will get backtested and graded by Robopip… ALL FOR FREE!

Now that’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me, so get on your feet and submit your system before voting starts next week!