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I know you’ve all been dying to share what you’ve learned from the School of Pipsology. Now’s your chance to wow your fellow pipsters with your fantastic forex analysis!

You can now submit your brilliant trade ideas to be chosen as the trade of the week for May 23 to May 27, 2011.

Don’t hesitate, mate! Throw your trade idea in the mix before it’s too late!

The submission period is only from 3:00 am EST to midnight EST Friday, May 23, 2011. Just remember to post your trade ideas under a new thread in the Readers’ Choice: Trade of the Week forum.

Don’t have a trade idea to share? Not a problem! You can still participate by casting your vote for the Trade of the Week!

The polls will open at midnight EST on Friday (May 20, 2011) and will close at midnight EST on Sunday (May 22, 2011).

Woodsy44x already submitted a USD/CAD trade. He actually submitted it ahead of the submission period, so technically, it shouldn’t count. But since I’m in a good mood, and because we want to get as many trade ideas as possible, I’ll let it slide… this time! But next time, no exceptions, ok?!

If you have any other questions, you can check out the official rules and regulations of the contest, or you can hit me up with some comments below.