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According to the Lundberg Survey, the US average for self-serve regular gasoline stood Friday at three dollars, one and a-half cents ($3.015).

A gallon of mid-grade gasoline averaged around $3.12, and premium at nearly $3.22.

The survey of seven-thousand gas stations across the country finds the lowest price for regular was $2.77 a gallon in Charleston, South Carolina, while the highest $3.28 was in San Diego.

Here’s the bad news. It doesn’t look like it’s going to get cheaper anytime soon.

Check out this chart from Chart of the Day showing the average monthly gain for oil prices.

As more cars hit the road for the “summer driving season”, the average monthly price of a barrel tends to rise due increased demand.

I really can’t complain though. Even though gas prices are an all-time high here in the US, its still cheaper than Europe. Ha! I know that was a low blow for you folks across the pond but it was just too tempting. =P