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We hope you all liked the recent site makeover!

Based on your awesome feedback, our team of crazydiculous developers has been working around the clock to get the new journal trade feature up and running — and if we do say so ourselves, it’s pretty sweet!

Seamless integration with MT4

Seamless integration with MT4

Click on “Journal a Trade” for the first time and you’ll be guided through a series of quick instructions on how to download MT4Sync and pair that up with your Meta Trader 4 platform.

After just a few minutes, you’re ready to go! MT4Sync automatically pulls your most recent MT4 trade details each and every single time. Even better, if you already have an account active and synced with your MT4, we’ll do all the set-up work for you!

All Your Eggs in a Basket

All your eggs in a basket

Starting on your dashboard, click on “Journal a Trade” and voila! All your most recent trades oh-so-neatly arranged in your very own personal trade basket

From here, publishing the trades you want to your journal is as easy as 1-2-… well, just 2 actually! With Quick Add, publishing your chosen trade details is two clicks away.

Had a monstrous gain on a market spike you just knew was going to happen? Want to throw in some details on what was going through your head at the time?

Clicking on the “Add with Details” action lets you note if that trade was made according to plan. You can also include links, photos, and even videos in your journal entry. (We know what you’re thinking, it would be pretty cool to relive that sweet victory dance video you took, of course to the tune of ka-ching!)

Add trade items easily

View and Share Your Published Trades

View and share your published trades

Viewing your trade journal is not just easy to do, but easy on the eyes as well. Check out each published trade to see all the juicy details in a clean and simple layout, with a nice little chart to go with it.

This is the same thing people in your network will see, as well as what you’ll be seeing from them on your feed. Now all your friends can bask in the glory of your trading awesomeness too! (or offer their sympathies for your fall into the red)

With this new feature, the hassle of complex trade journaling is now behind us. Of course, we always aim to improve this feature even more, so we’d love to hear from you guys.