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Good day readers!

This week I have decided to forgo the Trade of the Week contest to give way to hear your thoughts on an idea that I have.

As you all know, I have recently been implementing projects that inspires camaraderie between users and make the bond of the community stronger. You see, I want to create an atmosphere where both newbies and traders can easily talk, bounce ideas, teach, and learn from each other.

This time I am thinking of putting up a LIVE TRADER STREAM section in the website. The idea is for users (whether you’re a lurker, a newbie trader, or a seasoned pro) to be able to share their trading activities IN REAL TIME with other users.

In LIVE TRADER STREAM, you can share selective parts of your screen (and therefore you trading activities) as well as provide a commentary on what you are doing. You could say it’s like a webinar, but with a more relaxed structure. You can just turn on the stream whenever you want, show how you trade, commentate on your style, and turn it off once you’re done.

Of course, I’ll help you get the software you need to stream should you choose to participate. They’re all free, and it only takes a couple of minute to set them up. I’ll even be there to guide you every step of the way.

What do you think about this? Do you think this is something feasible that we can implement on the website? If so, will you participate? Does watching other traders (both newbies and pros) interest you?

I’ve set up a poll below, but please leave your comments as well. I’d appreciate it! If I receive a good response, I’ll work with the site developers to make this idea become a reality!

Thanks guys!