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  • US Challenger job cuts: 17.6% vs. 6.6% previous
  • US initial jobless claims: 278K vs. 290K expected, 267K previous
  • US trade balance: 46.60 billion USD deficit vs. 38.00 billion USD deficit expected, 39.8 billion USD deficit previous
  • CA trade balance: 0.65 billion CAD deficit vs. 1.10 billion CAD deficit expected, 0.34 billion CAD deficit previous
  • US quarterly labor costs (prelim): 2.7% vs. 1.2% expected, -2.3% previous
  • US quarterly non-farm productivity (prelim): -1.8% vs. 0.1% expected, 3.7% previous
  • Oil jumps by 5%, boosts CAD
  • New Zealand on Waitangi Day bank holiday
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Dollar selloff was the name of the game during the U.S. forex trading session, as investors square off their long positions ahead of the NFP report.

A worse-than-expected U.S. trade report didn’t help either. Data revealed a deficit of $46.6 billion, the largest since November 2012, and suggested a weaker Q4 2015 GDP for Uncle Sam.

The report, combined with profit-taking ahead of the NFP release, was enough to boost EUR/USD 75 pips higher (+0.66%) to 1.1486, while GBP/USD also shot up by 95 pips (+0.62%) to 1.5337. Meanwhile, USD/JPY lollygagged around the 117.50 area and USD/CHF fell by 58 pips (-0.63%) to .9223.

Even the comdolls were in on the dollar selloff party. The Loonie was the biggest gainer among commodity-related currencies, likely due to oil prices rebounding on violence in oil-producing Libya and increased expected demand from China after the PBoC’s latest easing measures. Brent crude capped the day 4.5% higher at $57.57, while U.S. crude oil prices settled 4.2% higher at $50.48.

Not surprisingly, USD/CAD dropped by 99 pips (-0.79%) to .12423, while CAD/JPY’s jumped 87 pips higher (+0.93%) to 94.61. The Aussie and Kiwi didn’t see as much action with AUD/USD only inching 13 pips higher (+0.17%) to .7818 and NZD/USD closing 21 pips higher (+0.28%) than its session open price.

Let’s see if today’s Asian session forex traders keep up the dollar-selling vibes. New Zealand is on a bank holiday today, but Australia is set to print its AIG construction PMI at 12:30 am GMT, while Japan is scheduled to release its preliminary leading indicator report at 6:00 am GMT.

These reports don’t usually have sustained impact on the Aussie and the yen, so keep your eyes peeled for possible continuation of the U.S. session’s price action.

Good luck!

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