Article Highlights

  • Japanese banks closed on holiday
  • ANZ: Australia’s job advertisements up by 1.8% in Dec
  • Home loans down by 0.7% in Australia for Nov
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With Japanese banks closed on a holiday for today, forex price movements were relatively subdued in today’s Asian session. Only a couple of medium-tier data points were released from Australia, namely the ANZ job advertisements report for December and the home loans figure for November.

Job advertisements reportedly picked up by 1.8% last month, an early sign that hiring probably improved recently. Although the home loans report showed a worse than expected 0.7% drop for November instead of the estimated 1.8% increase, the Australian dollar was able to extend its gains against the U.S. dollar, with AUD/USD looking at a 0.55% increase so far.

The forex calendar shows that the coast is clear in terms of economic reports in today’s London trading session, suggesting that the quiet trading conditions might carry on in the next few hours. The U.S. dollar still appears to be in a weak spot, following last week’s NFP release, as EUR/USD is up 0.11% so far and USD/JPY is down 0.19%.

Do stay tuned for any market updates that could impact sentiment, as the lack of top-tier data could keep risk appetite in play. In particular, watch out for news on the Greek snap election which might dictate the euro’s forex price action. Good luck!

U.S. Session Recap

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