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Tomorrow the Durable Goods Orders report comes out and I thought we should take a brief snapshot of the report before its released. If you don’t know what the Durable Goods Orders report is or why it’s important, our Forexpedia will explain everything and get you caught up.

First lets look at the month-to-month trend has been for the report:

You can see that following a sharp decrease in October, Durable Goods rose back up to a slight gain of 1.6%. A second consecutive rise would be good news for the Dollar.

Now let’s look at the month-to-month trend for Durable Goods excluding transportation:

October and November both saw decreases in core durable goods with October being the lowest drop for the entire year. Obviously a positive number tomorrow would boost the Dollar while a negative number, especially if the number is lower than October’s -1.7%, would cause the Dollar to lose some ground.

What the economists are saying about the overall Durable Goods Report

Analysts are expecting yet another increase in durable goods orders. A number lower than this would hurt the dollar but it probably won’t be so bad if there is still a positive growth. If the durable goods orders decrease then it would really hurt the buck.

What the economists are saying about the core Durable Goods report

Analysts are also forecasting an increase, although very small, in core durable goods. Anything less than that forecast would hurt the Dollar and anything greater than that number should cause the Dollar to rally tomorrow.

Dollar Reaction to Durable Goods Report