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You step into a large conference room, there are booths everywhere. On your left you see a man talking passionately about his company’s latest trading platform. On your right you see people lining up to sign up for a forex trading contest. Then, right in front of you, you see a group of people listening intently to a well-known forex trader lecturing about the role of emotions in trading.

Where the heck are you? Is this forex dreamland?

Heck no! It’s very real… This is what happens in a forex expo.

In a forex expo, forex-related companies worldwide send representatives to showcase their latest products, help traders obtain more knowledge on the forex market, make new business contacts, and generally promote their business and the industry.

Forex expos are awesome because they give you the chance to meet market gurus from all over the world and attend workshops with the purpose of teaching you how to make better trading decisions. It’s like having Forex Gump as your very own mentor for a day!

You must be thinking, wow, why would brokers do all of this?

So that you open an account with them, of course!

Remember, just like putting up ads on Bloomberg and or in financial magazines, forex expos present a great opportunity for forex companies to create brand and product awareness. So while expos help create more buzz for the forex world, you gotta remember that it’s still a business and that brokers are still trying to get you to open an account with them.

If you happen to go to a forex expo, just remember that you don’t have to decide right there on the spot which broker you want to open an account with. You still gotta do your homework and research even if these companies offer you a free copy of Black Ops, dinner date with Jessica Alba or Ryan Reynolds to wet your palette.

Determine which brokers provide the best execution or liquidity. Inquire about depositing and withdrawal processes, how much leverage you can use, and their policies on slippage so you’ll know which products fit your trading style.

Just make sure you know what you are signing up for. After all, it’s your money on the line.

Good thing for you, we’ve done a little a research ourselves. Make sure you check our forex broker guide to help you compare between brokers.

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If you want to get in on the forex action, here are 5 Forex expos coming from all over the globe this year (jetsetting around the world to attend ALL of them is optional).

1. Singapore Forex Expo
-Scheduled on February 26-27 in Suntec City, Singapore–singapore-forex-expo.html

2. The 8th Middle East Forex Trading Expo and Conference
-Scheduled on April 8-9 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. 11th International Exhibition Moscow Forex Expo
-Scheduled on April 29-30 in Europe Square 2, Moscow, Russia

4. The Futures and Forex Expo Las Vegas
-Scheduled on September 22-24 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, United States

5. FXCM’s Free Forex Digital Expo
-Available all-year round, through FXCM’s website:

Now who says Forex traders don’t get any social action? See you there, peeps!