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Blue Mobile Systems

While there are many mobile charting applications out there, I find Blue Mobile to be one of the best. For one, it allows line, bar, and candlestick charting. Secondly, you can overlay moving averages and add certain volume indicators on the chart. Third, you can view the price charts in different time frames. And lastly, among all the mobile charting apps that I have tried, Blue Mobile looks the prettiest. I can’t believe I used the word “pretty.” I’m a hardcore ninja for crying out loud!

blue-quotes.png blue-charts.png

Check out the app here!

FXWare’s Currency Converter

You can also have your very own forex market tools on your mobile phone by downloading FXWare’s Currency Guide. This mobile app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android users.

Aside from allowing you to view updated exchange rates for over 160 currencies, this app also shows 1-day, 5-day, 3 month, 1 year, and 5 year forex charts and historical trends. You can even look at real-time streaming candlestick charts, but for selected currency pairs only. On top of that, it also gives you access to the latest forex market news and commentary. And if you want to brush up on your forex market trivia, you can play the quiz game on global currency knowledge.

Among those useful features, the best one is their quick currency converter – well, according to those who’ve reviewed the product.

fxware1.png fxware2.png

But if you wanna try it out for yourself, you can download the app here.

Bloomberg Mobile

Bloomberg, one of the most trusted sources of financial information, is now expanding its way into our daily lives with its Bloomberg Mobile application. Available to iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, Android, and Nokia users, the program offers real-time market news, stock quotes, price charts, market trends analysis, and other basic tools. This app might not have the fanciest charts in the block, but its user-friendly interface allows the users to personalize their news and stock feed.

blackberry-bloomberg.png iphone-bloomberg.png

If you want to learn more about it, check out their site.

That rounds up the list of my favorite apps for the holidays! Check out some of these apps in your spare time, or when you’re waiting in line for that hot holiday gadget, and you just might find your trading tool on the go!

If you do check’em out, don’t forget to write a review about them or any other Forex products at!