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Trading can sometimes get pretty boring… or lonely. Maybe you’re just waiting for a chart pattern formation, a mechanical signal, or a fundamental news release. Maybe it’s 1am and everyone in your house is sleeping. Or maybe nobody else in your social circle understands what in the world forex trading is!

It’s during these times when you need other traders to talk to. You need trade ideas, trading insights, or just another human being to keep you sane and tell you that you are not alone.

Enter Twitter. Now, enter Finally, enter YOU, the sociable (at least online) trader.

If you’re not following these FX gurus, then you’re NOT getting the most value from your Twitter account! Following the right people can give you valuable real-time information on current forex news, events and ideas!

So without further ado, we’re pleased to give you 2011’s Top 11 MUST-FOLLOW Forex Tweeters voted by you!

1. 50Pips

Latest Tweet: “$gbpusd bears will be looking to keep cable below 6250 here and press.. stay nimble…”
Follower Count: 4,773
Social Proof: “@50Pips Takes time out from his trading his own book to help anyone that asks and that too for free.” .” -@Deano5050

2. caseystubbs

Latest Tweet: “@piptee yep but the truth is losing streaks destroy many traders, they forget that another winning streak is right on the other side.”
Follower Count: 5,337
Social Proof: “@caseystubbs is a great leader, as well as a great trader. He will help anyone, whatever their trading level.” -@shinobi_brian

3. RenaTrader

Latest Tweet: “$EURUSD $6E_F Still looking to short EURO at 1.3725 – STOP above 1.3800 – back later.”
• Follower Count: 1,582
Social Proof: “I nominate @RenaTrader for a Shorty Award in #finance because… he’s a great coach” –@DicasDeBolsa

4. alaidi

Latest Tweet: “@FX1Trader weekly $USDX far from those multimonth & multiyear support levels but if FOMC sticks to the script, it will turn ugly”
Follower Count: 10,333
Social Proof: “Definitely @alaidi! His tweets have more content and have more depth than full-length essays!” -@ryanfabros

5. FXStorm

• Latest Tweet: “GBPUSD: Playing around 4hr uptrendline, but well-supported above daily’s up trendline”
• Follower Count: 2,799
• Social Proof: “She tweets her trades well regardless if they are winners or losers which makes her a winner and not a wiener!!” –@butchbelano

6. Marketrend

Latest Tweet: “5 minutes before open #EURUSD 1.37025 | #EURJPY 113.82 | #GBPUSD 1.6258 | $USDJPY 83.06”
Follower Count: 1,457
Social Proof: “Knows his charts & shares. Those at least are good” -@fx_13

7. tweeterTrades

Latest Tweet: “I got out on the back of those comments 13 super fast Eur smashing it & I thought BOE king was the guys 2 worry about LOL”
Follower Count: 2,308
Social Proof: “We must follow this guy because he has great cable insights!!!” –@leanco

8. tradercisco

Latest Tweet: “It takes trading experience to know how to exit as much as enter. Problem is it takes a long time 2 have enough experience on exits”
Follower Count: 2,017
Social Proof: “@tradercisco is fun, inspirational, educational, helpful and honest. Goes out of his way to help traders on Twitter. Top chap!”

9. faithmight

Latest Tweet: “PERFECT corrective action in $EURGBP. If it weren’t for news, I would have added some more shorts. O well. I wait.”
Follower Count: 2,490
Social Proof: “Because @faithmight collects the pips with style!” –@FXstorm

10. piptee

Latest Tweet: “taken out of $eurusd at BE. glad i took profits on that when i did. $gbpchf looking good so far.”
Follower Count: 1,097
Social Proof: “I follow him cuz he’s a nice guy who likes to share his thoughts on the market ;)” –@esanchez81

11. RemixTrades

Latest Tweet: “USDCHF GBPCHF hits 23% fib retracement from the daily rally + BIG support zone (old resis)& bouncesss”
Follower Count: 1,391
Social Proof: “Because he’s knowledgeable, funny, and so damn cute.”–@shali27

These folks are really friendly, as they’re known to help out with any burning FX question that you may have for them. To make things even more interesting, they might just give you a glimpse of how they are outside of trading, too. 😉

And of course, don’t forget we also have our very own Twitter accounts!

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@AskPips– Dwelling on a forex question? Not sure who and where to ask? Check
out Pipstradamus’ tweets and you just might find your question already being asked by a fellow trader! Who knows, you might end up answering a forex question yourself! Even if it’s as complicated as ‘What is Pipstradamus hiding under his turban?’

@FreshPips – You have to have the most recent currency news and analysis on your Twitter stream! ‘Nuff said