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Descending trend channels are basic chart patterns used in technical analysis. A descending trend channel is formed by drawing two trendlines, one through the high prices for an asset and one through the low prices for the asset. If the trend in prices is downward, then the space between the trend lines forms a descending trend channel.

Descending trend channels, like ascending trend channels, are a tool for determining whether the short-term trend in price will continue. As long as prices remain within the region defined by the trend channel, traders expect the overall trend to go on as it is. Once prices break out of the channel, a strong signal either to buy or sell is generated. If prices break upward out of the channel, the signal is bullish; if prices break downward, the signal is bearish.

Descending trend channels often appear within an overall uptrend in prices, and represent either a continuation of the trend or a reversal of the trend, depending on the direction of the break.