HLHB Weekly Update – February 3, 2012

HLHB Trend-Catcher

Ho, ho, ho! It looks like the Trend-Catcher 3.0 has another winning week! This system is kickin’ butt! Here’s a summary of the signals it generated this week:

EUR/USD 1-Hour Chart

1. This was the trade that was open last week. Sold at 1.3106, closed on new crossover (1.3127): -21 pips
2. Bought at 1.3127, closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit (1.3111): -16 pips
3. Sold at 1.3178, closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit (1.3127): +51 pips
4. Bought at 1.3145, closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit (1.3164): +19 pips
5. Sold at 1.3142, closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit (1.3092): +50 pips
6. Bought at 1.3141, closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit (1.3168): +27 pips
7. Sold at 1.3138, closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit (1.3188): -50 pips
8. Bought at 1.3172, closed on new crossover (1.3141): -30 pips
9. Sold at 1.3141, trade still open

Total Gain/Loss: +30

Pretty sweet eh? If you want to try the system out for yourself, just check out my previous post about it. The HLHB Trend-Catcher 3.0 is basically the Amazing Crossover System with tweaked risk management rules!

I must say, I am liking the system very much. EUR/USD basically ranged the entire week, yet it still came out with a respectable 30 pips. While that may not be as big as its gains in the previous weeks, it’s nothing to scoff at, especially since the market was very fickle this week!

Let’s see if it can extend its winning streak!


EUR/USD 1-Hour Chart

Yesterday I presented two trade ideas and I decided to go with the range play on EUR/USD. I didn’t wait for the pair to test the top of hte range at 1.3200 and just pulled the trigger as soon as a strong bearish candle materialized.

Having set my stop at 1.3320, I am now aiming for the bottom of the range at 1.3030. I might close my trade early though. With today being an NFP Friday, I’m not really confident that I’ll be able to handle all the volatility.

Overall, I had a relatively good week. I hope things just get better from here. Have a great weekend guys!



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  • Gazi Nibras

    I’m following your blog and using this system since last week. This week it bagged me a little more than +500 pips in EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD and USDCHF. Of course I use my own profit taking strategy. But most of the entries were by-the-book. Cheers.

    • Forex Adda

      I testing following profit taking strategy:

      PT 1: 75% Position closed after +25 pips

      PT2: 25% with 50 pips Trailing Stop Loss. SL moved to BE.

      Gazi Nibras, can you share with us what is your strategy?Or anybody out there having good ideas?

      • Gazi Nibras

        Basically +30 trailing stop and -30 stop loss. But that also varies. Thing is I monitor the market sitting in front of the trade room and don’t leave everything on autopilot. Sometimes when market starts to turn opposite violently I take profits early and get out. That might not be the best idea all the time but still, something is always better than nothing.

  • SwordOFManagement

    Hey Huck, try out this indicator that someone was kind enough to code for me: http://insanityindustries.net/

     (download link, it will not take you to the site)

     What it does is filter out the up/down patterns so that the trending action is highlighted (black custom candles). It then refilters the up/down action of the black CC so that higher TF trending action can be highlighted.

     Optionally, you can activate 3a &/or 3b to show unfiltered 2xCC of the red CC.

     The result is an indicator that disects the chart for trending action.

     The indicator is lovingly referred to as Trend-Setter.

    • huck

      It says I’m not authorized to download the attachment

  • SwordOFManagement
  • SwordOFManagement

     Sorry about that Huck, I just loaded it to Babypips [url=http://forums.babypips.com/new…]here.[/url]

  • Imprimus

    Hi, I am following this strategy for a while. February is not a month for EUR/USD, USD/CHF, since there is lot of high price fluctuation which tends to reach stop loss in no matter of time.

    GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY were performing really well for the first eight day of trading in Feb. Let see how these pairs perform later in the month.