HLHB Weekly Update – August 6, 2012

HLHB Trend-Catcher

EUR/USD 1-Hour Chart

Awesome, awesome week for the HLHB Trend-Catcher! Thanks to the trending EUR/USD, the system was able to bag a net total of 297 pips!

With the number of high profile economic events lined up last week, the pair exhibited a lot of volatility. I thought the HLHB Trend-Catcher would get faked out a lot, but thankfully, the pair made a lot of intraday trends. That, of course, was good for my system.

Here’s a rundown of the trades it took:

1. Invalid signal since RSI was below the 50.0 level the candle prior.
2. Long at 1.2273. Closed at 1.2259 due to new crossover. -14 pips.
3. Invalid signal since RSI was already below 50.0 the candle prior.
4. Long at 1.2283. Closed at 1.2292 due to new crossover. +9 pips.
5. Short at 1.2292. Closed at 1.2318 due to new crossover. -26 pips.
6. Long at 1.2318. Closed at 1.2297 due to new crossover. -21 pips.
7. Short at 1.2297. Closed at 1.2262 due to new crossover. +35 pips.
8. Long at 1.2262. Closed at 1.2354 when 50-pip trailing stop was hit. +94 pips.
9. Short at 1.2213. Closed at 1.2184 when 50-pip trailing stop was hit. +29 pips.
10. Long at 1.2193. Closed when 50-pip trailing stop was hit at 1.2243. +47 pips


GBP/USD 1-Hour Chart

As for my GBP/USD trade idea, I wasn’t able to take it. Yeah, I missed the rally on the pair but I’m not beating up myself for it.

I stuck to my plan. I had my eyes peeled for dojis and bullish marubozus but they didn’t form so I didn’t pull the trigger. On top of that, the BOE and ECB rate decisions also failed to boost the pound.

There’s no use in sulking about missing the boat on GBP/USD. After all, today’s the start of a brand new week and I’m hopeful it will be better than the last.

How did you do? Lemme know!



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  • JJ6845616

    I tried to avoid counter trend trading that’s why i missed the Friday NFP rally.

  • Bijoymj

    Is there any EA available based on HLHB trend catcher ?

    • huck

       Sadly, no. 🙁

    • LazyTrader

      Hi Bijoymj, I programmed a free version of it back in January. Let me know how close it is to the current version

      • Bijoymj

        Downloaded. Will have a trial and let you know the results

  • Waseem17

    hi Huck, i am using EMA 10 and 20 and RSI 12 and ADX 10 with four hour chart . Are you still using the same system. can you please write down again i could not find in old post when did you change RSI setting 12 to 10.

  • InnerCircleTrader

    Good Trading Huck!  🙂