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A mechanical trading system is often touted as the end-all to Forex trading. Traders choose a system to follow and enter it into a program that will then pick starting and stopping points for trades as well as maintain a position, without requiring a trader be present to control those actions.

Implementing a mechanical trading system can be the best decision a Forex trader can make. However, it can also be hard for those traders who work off of emotion. The idea of putting future profits into the hands of a computer program can be a scary situation, however, with free platforms available now, it is a limited-loss system: a computer program won't ride a trend just to see it plummet in the end, and a program can't get cold feet and sell too early.

As an automated system, a mechanical trading system is a good all-around program to keep in the background. Whether a trader wants to implement a break-out system, reversal, indicator or trend-following system, there are plenty of options available.

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