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3 Tips on How to Trade Like a Military Strategist

In more ways than one, the forex market is like a battlefield. Just as in warfare, the elements of risk, uncertainty, and danger in forex trading are always present. Read more

4 Ways to Avoid Recency Bias

In forex, the most common manifestation of recency bias is when a trader zones in only on his most recent trading decisions and loses perspective on the bigger picture. Read more

Make Your Own Forex Trading Tapes

Videotaping your trading can help you review and focus on both how YOU traded and how the MARKET moved. Read more

2 Ways to Make the Most of Demo Trading

The truth is that it’s perfectly normal to lose enthusiasm and focus while demo trading so I came up with a couple of tips to help you out. Read more

Learning How to Trust Your Gut in Forex Trading

Much has been said against taking trades based on guesswork, but let me go out on a limb here and say that you should trust your trading gut. Read more

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Being a Full-Time Forex Trader

As we constantly mention here on BabyPips.com, forex trading is serious business. Beneath the lure of earning a lot of money quickly, there are lot of underlying risks involved. Read more

How Can You Build the Confidence to Press Winning Trades?

In my previous articles, I’ve emphasized the need to review your losing trades to see what lessons can be learned. In this edition of Pipsychology, let’s take a look at winning trades and what can be done to maximize your wins. Read more

FX-Men Trading Lessons Learned from Q2 2014

Hey, forex fellas! I thought I’d write something a little different today and come up with a quick rundown on the lessons learned and latest trading resolutions of my fellow FX-men. Read more

How Should You Respond to Forex Trading Losses?

Losses are inevitable. And the worst possible way a trader can respond to losses is to be indifferent about it. Read more

The Turtle Traders: Nature vs. Nurture in Forex Trading

Successful traders are made, not born. Nothing can prove this concept more than the story of the Turtle Traders. Read more

2 Ways to Avoid Emotional Trauma in Forex Trading

Have you recently experienced a big loss or a series of losses that dealt you a big emotional blow? Do you often get emotionally rocked by what you feel should be normal trading stress? Read more

Forex Biases vs. Predictions: What’s the Difference?

As a trader, you must develop biases instead of simply making many predictions. What’s the difference between the two anyway? Read more

3 Steps in Dealing with Forex Trading Stress

Trading stress can wear you down if you’re not careful, so it’s important to know how to deal with it. Here are three steps to help you handle trading stress. Read more

4 Stages of Loss in Forex Trading

The main reason behind the difficulty in coping with losses lies with the lack of understanding rather than actual psychological problems. Read more

How to Learn from Your Worst Trades

After a terrible losing trade, perhaps the last thing you’d want to do is to revisit and scrutinize that loss. Here’s why looking at your worst trades can be good for you. Read more