March 2008 Monthly Archive

Big Pippin’s Forex Forecast- Monday, 03/31/08

See what Big Pippin forecasts as he looks at his doppler radar (uhh charts) and gives his 2 cents about the markets. Read more

US Dollar- A One Hit Wonder?

After showing promise yesterday, the Dollar once again took a nosedive as the majors resumed its beatdown of the mighty Greenback. Do the technicals give us any opportunities to take advantage of this? Read more

The Dollar Rallies Hard Against The Yen!

Well after the Fed announced that it would be loaning $200 bil to lenders to help spur the economy, the Dollar rallied hard against the majors, in particular the Yen. Is this the fundamental spark the dollar needs to finally take off? Read more

Euro and Sterling Take a Break From Its Dollar Beatdown

The Dollar finally held a little ground against the Euro and Cable and the technicals show what could be a Dollar recovery this week. Will the technicals hold out this week or will the fundamentals once again be too strong? Read more

Trichet’s Big Mouth Leads To Another Big Day For The Euro

Of course Trichet doesn’t really have a big mouth, but he did say that the Euro is facing upward pressure on inflation. It’s because of his words, we saw another record breaking day for the Euro, and yet another sorry day for the Dollar. Read more

Euro makes yet another record high against the Dollar

Well after the Dollar looked like it might get some ground on the Euro, the Euro fought back hard and made yet another record high against the Greenback after US reports showed slowing productivity and rising labor costs. Read more

Quiet Day For the Majors..Possible Breakout Soon?

Well the majors were pretty quiet today but the charts are showing what could be the calm before the storm. Which pairs will breakout and where? Lets dive into those charts! Read more

When Will The Beating End For The Dollar?

The majors finally eased up on the Buck a little bit today after having crushed the Dollar the past 5 days. The technicals point towards a retracement in favor of the Greenback but will it follow through with all the fundamental letdowns the US is showing right now? Read more