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3 Reasons Why the Pound Could Keep Climbing

It looks like Scotland will be staying in the U.K. for now! Aside from this referendum result, here are some more reasons why the pound could stay afloat. Read more

4 Things to Remember from the FOMC Statement

Fed Chairperson Yellen was her usual cautious self in the latest FOMC statement, but it looks like dollar bulls ain’t done partying in the forex scene! Here’s why. Read more

4 Signs the SNB Might Intervene Again

SNB head Thomas Jordan and his men might steal the show with their policy statement tomorrow if they decide to announce another forex intervention. How likely is this scenario? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: FOMC Statement

Expectations are running high for an upbeat FOMC statement this week, but will this be a classic case of “buy the rumor, sell the news” in the forex market? Read more

5 Event Risks for Your GBP Forex Trades This Week

Feeling gutsy enough to take on more forex volatility this week? You might wanna keep close tabs on the British pound, as the U.K. has these top-tier events lined up in the next few days. Read more

What’s Up with China These Days?

In today’s edition of Piponomics, I’ll zoom in on how the world’s second largest economy is doing so far and what it could mean for the forex market. Read more

Economic Data Roundup: Australia

In this edition of my Economic Data Roundup, I’ll be looking at the latest economic releases from Australia and what these could mean for the Aussie’s forex price action. Read more

Carney: Oops, I Did It Again!

It’s not the first time that BOE Governor Mark Carney shared his optimistic rate hike forecasts, but it looks like forex traders ain’t buying it this time. Here’s why. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Australian Employment Report

It’s time for another edition of my Forex Trading Guide! This time, let’s zoom in on the upcoming Australian jobs release, why it’s important, what’s expected, and how it could affect the Aussie. Read more

Jobs Data Roundup: U.S. and Canada

It looks like the labor market slowdown ain’t over yet! In this edition of my Jobs Data Roundup, let’s focus on the latest employment reports from the United States and Canada. Read more

A Closer Look at the ECB’s Turbo-Charged Stimulus Plan

Surprise, surprise! Draghi and his men dropped a bombshell on the forex market, as the ECB announced another set of aggressive stimulus plans. Read more

Why the Scottish Independence Vote Matters for the Pound

Wondering why the pound has been unable to recover despite stronger than expected economic data? As it turns out, the possibility of Scotland’s independence from the U.K. is weighing on the currency! Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Canadian Jobs Report

As though the central bank decisions and U.S. non-farm payrolls report aren’t enough to rock the forex market this week, Canada is gearing up to release its latest jobs figures as well! Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls Report

While the central bank interest rate decisions are bound to steal the spotlight in the forex arena this week, the U.S. labor market could take center stage later on, as the August non-farm payrolls report is up for release. Read more

5 Monetary Policy Statements to Watch Out for This Week

We’ve got five monetary policy statements lined up so let’s gather ’round and figure out how these could rock the forex market this week. Read more