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4 Economic Reports Driving GBP Forex Price Action

In case you missed ‘em, here’s a rundown of the top-tier economic reports released from the U.K. this week. Better take a look since these could drive longer-term forex price action for the British pound! Read more

5 Takeaways from the December FOMC Statement

Forex traders, huddle up! Now that the Fed has announced its last monetary policy decision for the year, what’s next for the U.S. dollar? Here are the main points from the FOMC statement that you should know about. Read more

4 Factors Keeping Risk Aversion in Play

What’s up with all these risk-off flows these days?! Higher-yielders just can’t seem to catch a break while the safe-havens are staying supported. Here are some factors that are keeping risk aversion in play. Read more

5 Ways the December FOMC Statement Could Rock the Forex Market

Gather ’round, fellas! The FOMC is set to make its monetary policy statement this week and it could stir a lot of movement in the forex market. Here are some scenarios that might take place. Read more

What Abe’s Victory Could Mean for the Japanese Yen

Newsflash! Japan’s lower house elections revealed that Prime Minister Abe would be able to stay in power. What could this mean for the yen’s forex price action? Read more

RBNZ & SNB Rate Decisions: What You Should Know

Anybody trade these interest rate decisions this week? If you weren’t able to watch these forex events play out, here’s a rundown of the main takeaways from the RBNZ and SNB monetary policy statements. Read more

4 Things You Must Know about Greece’s Political Troubles

What’s up with this Greek drama?! Will this political instability bring sovereign debt concerns back? Here’s what you absolutely need to know. Read more

3 Things to Remember When Trading the Australian Jobs Report

Looking for another economic event to trade this week? Apart from the RBNZ and SNB central bank decisions, you might also want to look into the upcoming Australian jobs release. Read more

RBNZ & SNB Rate Decisions: What to Expect

If you’re thinking of trading the news this week, you might want to start drafting your forex strategies for the upcoming RBNZ and SNB rate statements. Here’s what we can expect from these events. Read more

Was the Latest U.S. Jobs Report Really THAT Good?

The November non-farm payrolls reading came in much stronger than expected, as the U.S. economy added 321,000 jobs during the period. Were the underlying figures just as impressive? Read more

4 Monetary Policy Biases You Need to Be Aware Of

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed by the latest set of monetary policy statements, don’t fret! In this edition of Piponomics, I’ve got a neat recap of the central bank decisions this week. Read more

2 Market-Moving Employment Reports You Can Trade

If you’re planning on trading the news this week, then you should definitely have a look at the upcoming employment releases from the U.S. and Canada. Here’s a sneak preview of the jobs showdown. Read more

4 Things to Remember When Trading the BOE & ECB Decisions

Heads up, forex traders! The ECB and the BOE are scheduled to announce their policy decisions tomorrow and here are some things to remember when coming up with your trade strategies. Read more

4 Long-Term Market Effects of the OPEC Decision

Oil prices tumbled to their five-year lows of below $70/barrel recently and no, that ain’t just a Black Friday deal. Here’s how the OPEC decision could affect longer-term market movements. Read more

3 Major Effects of the Swiss Gold Initiative Rejection

The votes are in! Find out how the Swiss gold referendum turned out and how the results affected financial assets other than the franc. Read more