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What the Greek Election Outcome Means for the Euro

Heads up, forex traders! If you’re planning on trading the euro this week or if you already have euro positions open, you should definitely get up to speed on the Greek parliamentary election results. Read more

5 Things to Remember About the ECB’s QE Program

It’s another D-day for the euro, as ECB Governor Mario Draghi lived up to market expectations and unveiled a massive quantitative easing program. Here are the important things you need to remember from this announcement. Read more

What’s Up With That BOC Rate Cut?!

Surprise, surprise! The Bank of Canada decided to cut interest rates from 1.00% to 0.75%, causing the Loonie to lose further ground against its forex counterparts. Here’s what the BOC had to say. Read more

BOE Minutes: More Dovish Than Expected?

Aha! It looks like weak inflation prospects have forced the hawks to retreat! Here’s what else you should know about the latest BOE meeting minutes. Read more

ECB Statement: To QE or Not To QE?

Will the ECB drop a bombshell on the forex market this week? Or will their monetary policy statement be a non-event? Here’s what we can expect from this potential market mover. Read more

Forex Monthly Review: U.S. Dollar

We’re more than halfway into the first month of the year so I thought I’d come up with a quick review on how the U.S. economy is doing so far and how its performance has affected the U.S. dollar’s forex price action. Read more

5 Things You Must Know About the Surprise SNB Announcement

SNB head Thomas Jordan and his men sure know how to rock the forex market, as they made a few surprise announcements this week. What the heck just happened and why did it cause a jaw-dropping 2000-pip drop for EUR/CHF?! Read more

3 Things You Need to Know About Australia’s Jobs Report

And the numbers are in! How did Australia’s jobs industry fare in December and what could this mean for the Aussie’s forex price action moving forward? Read more

Why Record Low Inflation Might Be Good for the U.K.

Weaker than expected U.K. inflation data wasn’t much of a surprise for many, as most forex traders priced in the idea of seeing the headline CPI fall to record lows while some welcomed the news positively. Read more

4 Things to Remember When Trading the Australian Jobs Report

If you’re hoping to trade the news this week, then you might want to take a closer look at the upcoming Australian jobs release and start figuring out how to make pips off the event. Read more

What the Latest NFP Report Means for the U.S. Economy

Newsflash! The U.S. economy boasted of yet another month of impressive employment gains, as the December NFP reading beat expectations. What’s next for the U.S. economy and the dollar? Read more

3 Reasons the BOE Ain’t Hiking Rates in 2015

During this week’s BOE statement, Governor Carney’s tone suggested that the U.K. central bank isn’t likely to hike rates anytime this year. Here are some reasons why. Read more

4 Takeaways from the Latest FOMC Minutes

And the minutes are out! Find out what FOMC officials discussed during their latest monetary policy meeting and what this might mean for the dollar’s forex price action moving forward. Read more

Trading the U.S. and Canadian Employment Reports

Heads up, forex fellas! We’ve got a couple of employment reports set for release on Friday so y’all better read up and figure out how to make pips off these events. Read more

5 Market Themes Affecting Forex Price Action in Early 2015

Too busy enjoying the holidays to keep tabs on forex market movements? Don’t worry! I’ve got the latest market themes covered in this edition of Piponomics. Read more