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Forex Trading Guide: U.K. Preliminary GDP Report for Q3 2014

Can’t get enough of economic reports to trade? There’s another big one comin’ right up this week so let’s put our heads together and figure out how we can make pips off the U.K. GDP release. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: BOC Interest Rate Statement

With a major central bank decision coming up, I think it’s time for another edition of my Forex Trading Guide! Let’s take a look at why the Bank of Canada interest rate decision matters, what happened before, and what might happen this time. Read more

The Era of Easy Monetary Policy… Extended!

Downbeat global economic forecasts have led several major central banks to go easy on their hawkish biases and push back rate hike expectations. What might this extended period of easy monetary policy mean for risk-taking? Read more

4 Reasons Why Forex Traders Are Losing Risk Appetite

A quick review of financial market movements in the past couple of weeks reveals that traders seem to have lost their appetite for risk. Why did this happen and what does it mean for forex price action? Read more

3 Factors Dragging the British Pound Down

Did the pound get heavier or what?! The British currency chalked up significant losses to its forex counterparts in the past few days and may continue to fall further due to these factors. Read more

More Signs of an Economic Slowdown in China?

It’s been over a month since I’ve written an economic roundup on China so I think it’s about time we have another data review on the world’s second largest economy. Have there been any improvements lately? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. September Jobs Report

It’s time for another edition of my Forex Trading Guide! This time, let’s take a closer look at the upcoming U.K. jobs release and how it could affect pound price action. Read more

Is Canada’s Labor Market Back on Its Feet?

Canada’s labor market seems to have made a strong recovery with a stronger than expected report for September. What does this mean for the Loonie’s forex price action? Read more

This Week’s Central Bank Statements Roundup

Monetary policy biases have been pushing forex pairs around recently so I’ve decided to give y’all a rundown of how this week’s central bank statements turned out. Read more

What’s Up with the FOMC’s Dovish Tone?!

Surprise, surprise! The FOMC minutes turned out unbelievably dovish, as policymakers tried to downplay tightening expectations. Is the Fed just putting on a show? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Australian Jobs Release

What exactly did RBA Governor Stevens mean when he said that hiring is unusually volatile in Australia? Perhaps the upcoming jobs release could shed more light how labor market trends could affect AUD forex price action. Read more

3 Main Takeaways from the October RBA Statement

As expected, RBA Governor Glenn Stevens and his men decided to keep interest rates on hold at 2.50% in their latest policy statement. What else did they announce and how could it affect the Aussie’s forex price action? Read more

What the September NFP Means for Fed Policy

Uncle Sam is on a roll! The September employment report showed impressive results and gave the Greenback another strong boost. Are traders starting to price in an early rate hike from the Fed? Read more

Economic Data Roundup: Japan

The latest set of data from Japan provides more clues on whether or not their economy is in a rut. Will the BOJ eventually admit defeat and dole out more stimulus? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: September U.S. NFP Report

It’s almost NFP Friday, forex fellas! Y’all better start figuring out how you plan to trade this event by taking a look at this trading guide. Read more