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4 Takeaways from the U.S. Q1 Preliminary GDP Report

U.S. markets got a fresh boost thanks mostly to Friday’s preliminary GDP release. How did the actual results turn out and what does it imply for the dollar? Here are some quick takeaways from the report.

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Economic Snapshot: The United Kingdom

The pound got its behind kicked really hard last week, thanks to returning Brexit-related jitters, although the downgrade to the U.K.’s Q1 GDP also apparently helped to push the pound lower. And if that made you wonder how the U.K.’s economy has been doing overall recently, then today’s Economic Snapshot will help you out. Read more

So OPEC Extended Its Production Cut Deal. Now What?

What happened during OPEC’s Vienna meeting and how did oil players react? Here are major points you need to know about the event! Read more

Key Takeaways from the May FOMC Minutes and BOC Statement

Hello, forex friends! In case you missed them yesterday, the BOC gave its latest monetary policy statement and the minutes of the May FOMC huddle got released. And here are the main takeaways from those two top-tier central bank events that you need to know about. Read more

What’s Up With The Swiss Franc Lately?

Many traders were surprised when they learned that the Swissy outperformed last week. But did you know that the Swissy is now the third best-performing currency of the year (so far)? So, what’s up with the Swissy lately? Well, here are the likely reasons for the Swissy’s recent ninja-like strength. Read more

Brexit-Related Updates You Need to Know Today

The pound has been under the spotlight lately, and it’s not just because of the upcoming elections. Here are Brexit-related updates you need to know about. Read more

4 Things to Remember When Trading the May BOC Decision

Gather ’round, Loonie traders! This week could be a particularly volatile one for the Canadian currency with the Bank of Canada’s interest rate decision lined up. Here’s what you need to know if you’re trading this top-tier event. Read more

Economic Snapshot: Canada

Howdy, forex buddies! We’ve got another BOC monetary policy statement coming up this Wednesday. And if you’re wondering how Canada’s economy has been faring lately, then today’s Economic Snapshot is just for you. Read more

Global Roundup: Employment Reports

With more than a few central banks shrugging off stronger inflation in favor of looking at jobs numbers, I figure it’s time to take another look at recent employment reports. Here’s a quick rundown! Read more

Has the Yen Finally Regained Its Mojo?

The yen has been mostly weaker since mid-April despite the prevalence of risk aversion and plenty of risk events. However, the yen began to stabilize last week and even staged a major rally this week. So, has the yen finally regained its mojo? And why did the yen lose its mojo in the first place? Read more

Two Top-Tier Reports for CAD This Friday

Howdy, forex friends! Canada’s got a couple of top-tier catalysts scheduled for release this Friday. So if you’re looking to pillage some quick pips from the Loonie before the week ends, then you better read up, eh? Read more

Forex Preview: Australia’s Jobs Report (April)

Heads up, forex traders! Australia is set to print its labour market numbers for the month of April. Are you ready to trade the event? Read more

4 Major Event Risks for GBP This Week

Last week’s BOE Super Thursday didn’t turn out so super for the British pound, but the tide could still turn this week with these major catalysts lined up. Here’s what you need to prep for! Read more

A Roundup of Central Bank Biases

It’s been a while since I last did a Roundup of Central Bank Biases. And since the Bank of Canada (BOC) is the only one left that has yet to deliver its policy rate statement this month, I thought that now would be a good time do a quick roundup. Read more

5 Key Takeaways from the BOE’s “Super Thursday”

Yesterday the BOE once again kept its monetary policies steady for another month in May. So what exactly dragged the pound lower across the board? Here are points you need to know. Read more