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Forex Snapshot: Central Bank Roundup

Central bank biases continue to be the main forex market drivers, so lets quickly check out the most recent policy statements from the RBNZ, BOJ, & the FOMC! Read more

Monthly Review: Any Signs of Improvement in Japan?

Japan’s latest data dump painted a mixed economic picture, with a few reports coming in line with expectations and others actually beating forecasts. What could this mean for the yen’s forex trends? Read more

Global Inflation Update: Price Levels in Recovery Mode?

Not too long ago, a downturn in inflation spurred by falling oil prices was causing a huge headache for most economies. Are we seeing a recovery these days? Read more

What You Must Know About Global Manufacturing PMI Trends

Now that most major economies have released their manufacturing PMI readings, let’s take a look at whether trends are improving or not and what this could mean for forex price action. Read more

Strong USD: Good or Bad for the U.S. Economy?

With the Greenback off to a roaring start for the first quarter of this year and a potential long-term reversal looming, one can’t help but wonder how the dollar’s strength is affecting the U.S. economy. Read more

Is the Euro Zone REALLY Doing Better?

With the euro zone’s long laundry list of economic woes, it’s surprising to hear ECB Governor Draghi sounding upbeat in his recent testimonies. Is the region really seeing green shoots? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: British Pound

Is it just me or is the pound getting heavier these days? The British currency has dipped to five-year lows to the dollar and has given up a lot of ground to its forex rivals this week. What’s that all about? Read more

What You Must Know About the March FOMC Statement

Trying to make sense of the dollar’s wild moves during the FOMC statement? Did the Fed lose its “patience” or what?! Read more

3 Takeaways from the BOJ Statement

What a letdown! Despite the prolonged downturn in spending and inflation, the BOJ still refrained from doling out additional stimulus in its latest policy statement. Here’s what else you need to know. Read more

What to Expect for the March FOMC Statement

As I’ve mentioned in my Monthly Economic Review for the U.S. Economy, the upcoming FOMC statement might make or break the dollar’s forex trends. Here’s what you can expect for this top-tier event. Read more

3 Things to Remember from Canada’s February Jobs Report

In case you weren’t able to get your hands on Canada’s February jobs report released last Friday, here’s a rundown of the points you need to take note of and their implications on Loonie forex price action. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: U.S. Dollar

I’ve got a rundown of the latest reports from the U.S. economy to help answer the question on every forex trader’s mind these days: How long can these dollar rallies last?! Read more

4 Takeaways from the March RBNZ Statement

Wondering why the Kiwi rallied after the RBNZ interest rate statement? Check out what Governor Wheeler and his men had to say in order to figure out if the Kiwi can go for more forex gains. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Canadian Employment Report

Can’t get enough of economic events to trade? Well, this must be your lucky week because there’s another jobs release coming your way on Friday. Here’s a quick Forex Trading Guide for Canada’s employment report for February. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Australia’s February Jobs Report

News traders, huddle up! We’ve got another big market-mover comin’ our way this week, as Australia is gearing up to release its February employment report. Will it be as impressive as the U.S. NFP or will it disappoint? Read more