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What You Should Know About China’s Easing Moves

Newswires in the forex world may be dominated by headlines on the Greek debt talks these days so I thought y’all should know that the Chinese central bank has been quietly making unprecedented moves. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Global Jobs Update – Part II

What’s up, fellow forex traders? It’s time to get updated on the latest jobs data for the other major economies with the second part of my Global Jobs Update! Read more

Forex Snapshot: Global Jobs Update – Part I

Prudent forex traders are always up-to-date when it comes to market information , so if you’ve been falling behind on the latest jobs releases, make sure to check out the first part of my Global Jobs Update. Read more

Monthly Review: More Signs of Improvement in Japan?

Will the Bank of Japan be the next major central bank to end its easing cycle and shift to a less dovish stance? Let’s take a look at the latest set of economic figures from Japan to find out. Read more

Monthly Review: 5 Factors Supporting Another RBNZ Rate Cut

Earlier this month, Governor Graeme Wheeler and his gang of RBNZ policymakers decided to cut interest rates in order to keep New Zealand’s economy afloat. Do you think the latest reports warrant another RBNZ easing move in July? Read more

Forex Snapshot: Global Manufacturing PMI Trends

Now that most major economies have released their manufacturing PMI readings, let’s take a look at the trends and what they could mean for the forex market. Read more

Monthly Review: 5 Canadian Data Points You Need to See

Much has been said about Canada following in the footsteps of the U.S. economy so is the Great White North really performing as well as Uncle Sam? Here’s a rundown of the latest economic reports from Canada. Read more

5 Forex Factors Supporting GBP Rallies

If you’re scratching your head wondering why the pound has been getting lighter lately, then you should have a look at these U.K. economic factors helping the British currency climb up the forex charts these days. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Australia

The RBA decided on June 2nd to keep rates at record-low levels even though the economy grew, citing some economic problems. So how is Australia doing lately? Time to find out! Read more

Forex Snapshot: Central Bank Roundup (SNB, BOJ, RBA, BOE)

If you’ve been falling behind on what some of the central banks have been up to lately, then I suggest that you invest some time on my central bank roundup! Read more

If Greek Debt Drama Dates Were “Friends” Episodes

It may seem all gloom and doom for Greece these days so I thought of lightening the mood up a bit by putting a twist on the Greek debt timeline. Better take note of these dates and episodes! Read more

What You Must Know About the June FOMC Statement

Now that the dust has settled after the much-awaited FOMC statement, let’s break down what happened and figure out how it could affect the U.S. dollar’s forex price action. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: The U.S.

The U.S. Fed thinks that it’s appropriate to hike rates at this year while the IMF insists that the Fed should wait until 2016. Who do you think is right? Read more

3 Things to Watch Out For in the FOMC Statement

Saddle up, forex cowboys! The U.S. dollar could be in for one wild ride tomorrow when the FOMC makes its rate statement and declares whether or not they’re ready to tighten monetary policy. Read more

4 U.K. Economic Events You Can Trade This Week

If you’re looking to grab forex profits by trading the British pound, then you’d be delighted to know that the U.K. has four major economic events lined up this week. Lovely, eh? Read more