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4 Key Points from the Latest FOMC Meeting Minutes

The latest FOMC minutes gave most forex market watchers the impression that Fed officials don’t know what’s next for the economy either. What do you make of these key points from the report? Read more

3 Reasons for the Euro Bloodbath This Week

In case you missed it, the euro was slaughtered like a character on Game of Thrones, as forex traders got wind of downbeat remarks. What exactly did they say and is the shared currency in for a more brutal selloff? Read more

RBA Minutes: Another Rate Cut Likely?

The RBA already cut interest rates this month but do their policy meeting minutes suggest that another rate cut is in the cards? Here’s the lowdown on the report and what it could mean for AUD’s forex price action. Read more

Forex Monthly Economic Review: Canadian Dollar

Canada’s economic performance usually follows in the footsteps of its next-door neighbor, Uncle Sam. Let’s take a look at the latest set of data from Canada to see what’s next for the Loonie’s forex trends. Read more

Forex Monthly Economic Review: U.S. Dollar

When it comes to discussing U.S. dollar forex action, Fed interest rate hike expectations are right at the top of the list of potential trend drivers. Here are some clues from the latest set of economic data. Read more

4 Takeaways from the BOE Inflation Report

If you’re trading the British pound and wondering what’s next for its forex trends, better read up on these takeaways from the Bank of England’s Inflation Report. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Australian Dollar

If you saw that recent RBA interest rate cut coming, then you’ve probably read my previous Monthly Economic Review on the Australian dollar. Let’s check out the next batch of reports to see what’s next for the Aussie’s forex price action. Read more

4 Things You Need to Know About China’s Rate Cut

What might China’s surprise interest rate cut mean for the global economy and forex price action? Here are a few things you need to know about the announcement. Read more

What the April NFP Report Might Mean for Fed Policy

And the numbers are in! What could the latest U.S. employment figures mean for a potential Fed rate hike and the U.S. dollar’s forex price action? Read more

What the U.K. Election Results Might Mean for the Pound

Now that the U.K. general elections are over, let’s take a look at what the exit polls are showing and what the results might mean for the British pound’s forex price action. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. April Jobs Report

Wondering if the Greenback is in for more heartbreak or if it could see better days ahead? The upcoming U.S. jobs release could have the answer, as it could give forex traders more clues on when the Fed might hike interest rates! Read more

NZ Jobs: What the Headline Figures Aren’t Telling You

One glance at the freshly released New Zealand jobs report might lead you to think that another RBNZ interest rate cut is a done deal already but the underlying data says otherwise. Read more

What You Must Know About the May RBA Statement

Record low interest rates? Bring it on! In their latest policy statement, RBA officials decided to cut rates by 0.25% from 2.25% to an all-time low of 2.00% yet the Aussie’s forex reaction was surprising. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Any Changes in Central Banks’ Biases? – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my forex review on central banks’ monetary policy biases these days. As in the first part, I’ve picked some pop songs to better illustrate where they stand. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Any Changes in Central Banks’ Biases? – Part I

If you’re having trouble keeping track of what major central banks are saying, here’s a snapshot of where they stand these days. To make things more interesting, I’ve picked a few pop songs to illustrate their current biases. Read more