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Forex Trading Guide: Canadian Jobs Report (September)

If you’re looking for an opportunity to trade the news, then you’re in luck because Canada will be printing its September jobs report on Friday. Here’s my Forex Trading Guide for this release. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: The United States

After writing yesterday’s piece on the most recent NFP report and what it could mean for the Greenback’s forex price action, I decided to give y’all a broader view by giving ya a one-stop-shop for the most recent data points from Uncle Sam. Read more

Did the Latest NFP Report Crush Hopes of a Fed Rate Hike?

So much for those labor market improvements that Fed officials had been talking about! The September NFP report turned out to be a huge letdown, leaving dollar bears to paint the forex town red. Read more

5 Central Bank Events to Rock the Forex Market This Week

Still catching your breath after last week’s fast-paced forex market moves? Better hurry up because we’ve got another action-packed one comin’ right up with these major central bank events. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Japan

Konnichiwa! Forex traders have been speculating on whether or not the BOJ would be introducing more easing measures recently. Do the underlying fundamentals offer any clues? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: China

China has recently been a major factor in defining the prevailing sentiment in the forex and other markets. But what about the underlying fundamentals? Do they provide hints on how China’s Q3 GDP will turn out? Read more

What the Latest Euro Zone CPI Figures Mean for ECB Policy

Nobody likes hearing the D-word these days but from the looks of the euro zone CPI estimates, deflation is back to haunt the region. What does this imply for ECB policy and the euro’s forex trends? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. NFP Report (September)

Lo and behold, forex comrades! Another NFP Friday approaches beyond the horizon! Why not prepare yourself for battle by reading up on this edition of my Forex Trading Guide? Read more

FOMC Officials’ Speeches: To Hike or Not To Hike?

After last week’s slew of speeches from Fed officials, forex junkies were treated to a fresh batch of testimonies from FOMC members early this week. Did we see any good clues for a liftoff this time? Read more

How a Government Shutdown Can Affect USD Forex Action

Word through Wall Street is that the U.S. government is moving closer to a potential shutdown this week if Congress fails to pass legislation for additional funding. Will this affect the dollar’s action? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: New Zealand

New Zealand just recently released its trade data, and it was terrible. But why did forex traders send the Kiwi higher across the board rather than dump it? Is there something else in the underlying fundamentals? Well, time to find out! Read more

3 Rate Hike Hints from Fed Officials’ Speeches

Even though the dollar lost ground after the Fed kept rates on hold this month, this week’s speeches from FOMC members kept forex traders hoping for a rate hike this year. Here’s what they had to say. Read more

3 Reasons Why the Euro Forex Selloff Paused

So much for expecting another euro bloodbath! The shared currency managed to recover against most of its forex peers yesterday, thanks to these three factors that propped it up. Read more

4 Lessons From BOC Poloz’s Speech

Greetings, forex friends! BOC Governor Stephen Poloz gave a speech on Monday wherein he talked about “riding the commodity cycle.” What exactly did he have to say? And what can we learn from him? Read more

2 Major Event Risks for Your Euro Forex Trades

Euro traders, huddle up! There are a few red flags lined up in the euro zone for tomorrow and these might spur large moves across the forex charts. Read more