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4 Factors Dragging the Loonie Down Lately

What’s up with the Loonie’s tumble these days and is it in for more losses? Take a look at the market factors that have been dragging the Canadian dollar lower lately. Read more

Forex Roundup: Central Bank Biases

Having a tough time keeping track of what central bankers have been saying these days? Don’t worry, I got your back yo! Here’s a quick roundup of the latest monetary policy biases. Read more

4 Things You Need to Know About the ECB’s Statement and Presser

The ECB might not have made any changes to its policies but it sure did a number on the euro! What the heck did Draghi say anyway? Here are four things you need to know. Read more

4 Takeaways from Australia’s September Job Reports

What’s up with Australia’s job numbers and why the heck did it cause so much hoopla on the major Aussie pairs? Here are four takeaways you need to know. Read more

Forex Preview: Australia’s Jobs Report (Sept)

Can’t get enough of comdoll volatility this week? Read this forex preview on Australia’s jobs release and see if you can catch some more pips! Read more

3 Points to Remember before Trading the BOC’s Policy Statement

We’ve got tons of top-tier reports lined up this week including the BOC’s upcoming monetary policy decision. Here are tips and tricks if you’re planning on trading the event! Read more

4 Top-Tier Catalysts for GBP Pairs This Week

Pound pairs could be in for yet another action-packed trading week with these major market movers on deck. Take a look at what’s in store and what your fellow forex junkies are expecting.

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Economic Snapshot: China

Economic reports from China helped influence risk sentiment this week. And if that made you wonder how China’s economy is doing overall, then today’s Economic Snapshot will help you out. Read more

Why Oil Prices Will Remain Low Despite OPEC’s Agreement

Can OPEC’s plans to cut production really prop up oil prices in the months to come? Here are four reasons why Black Crack prices aren’t going up anytime soon. Read more

6 Takeaways from the September FOMC Minutes

The minutes for the September meeting got released yesterday, but it didn’t really spark a lot of fireworks. Still, there were a few takeaways that you should know about and keep in mind going forward. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Retail Sales (Sept.)

We’ve got the U.S. retail sales report coming up this Friday. Will this top-tier report put an end to the Greenback’s rally or push it higher? And if you’re planning to trade this event and you need to get up to speed, then you better read up. Read more

Why Central Banks Are Worrying About Bonds…Government Bonds

With major central banks running out of road in terms of their interest rate policies, some are turning to government bond yields to stabilize prices. What’s up with that?! Read more

3 U.S. Election-Related Market Tendencies You Need to Look At

Now that the second U.S. presidential debate has concluded, let’s take a look at what the numbers are saying and how the markets could react to the upcoming elections. Here are some historical trends that you gotta take note of. Read more

A Quick Review of the September NFP Report

What’s up, forex friends? The September NFP report came out yesterday, and the Greenback tanked as a result. Wait, what? What happened? Well, time to find out! Read more

Q&A: All You Need to Know About GBP’s “Flash Crash”

Forex traders got a good dose of market drama today and no, it wasn’t even the NFP release. Here’s all you need to know about what happened to the pound! Read more