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Forex Preview: U.S. NFP Report (Apr)

We’ve got another NFP Friday coming our way, forex friends! If you plan to trade this top-tier event and need to get up to speed on what happened last time and what to expect, then gear up by reading up on my Forex Preview for the April NFP report. Read more

Forex Preview: Canada’s Jobs Report (Apr)

Canada will be releasing its jobs report this Friday, so if you’re looking to grab some quick pips from Loonie pairs before calling it a week, then this event is your best bet. And it just so happens that I have a Forex Preview for it. Read more

What You Need to Know About the May RBA Decision

Now here’s a central bank that walks the talk! Here’s why the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to cut interest rates from 2.00% to 1.75% this time. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: RBA’s Interest Rate Decision

Will the RBA cut its rates this week? Here’s a neat trading guide for forex traders who are looking to make some pips from the event. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Australia’s Economy

G’day, forex mates! The Aussie got creamed last week because rate cut expectations are now apparently back into play. And since the RBA will be announcing its policy decision this Tuesday, I thought that I’d give y’all a Forex Snapshot of Australia’s economy. Read more

4 Things You Should Know About the BOJ’s Decision

The BOJ’s statement was one of the biggest market movers this week. Did you miss it? Here are 4 things you need to know about the event. Read more

Central Bank Matchup: The Fed and The RBNZ

The U.S. Fed and the RBNZ released their respective monetary policy statements yesterday, and traders reacted by ignoring or dumping the Greenback while loading up on the Kiwi. So, what did the two central banks say? Well, time to find out! Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Advanced Q1 2016 GDP

If you’re looking for a likely catalyst for the Greenback after the FOMC statement, your best bet is this Thursday’s advanced Q1 2016 U.S. GDP estimate. And it just so happens that I have a nifty Forex Trading Guide for that event. Read more

What to Expect from the FOMC, RBNZ, and BOJ This Week

Move over, Game of Thrones! The upcoming central bank statements this week could also be filled with shockers so don’t forget to read up on what forex fans are expecting. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Canada’s Economy

Thinking of trading the Loonie? Take a quick look at Canada’s main economic components and see if you can find any forex trade opportunities! Read more

Forex Snapshot: The U.S. Economy

Hey there, forex friends! We’ve got another FOMC statement coming up this Wednesday, so I thought that now will be a good time as any to give y’all a snapshot of how the U.S. economy is doing recently. Read more

Forex Recap: 4 Central Banker Speeches You Need to Know About

Only the ECB released its monetary policy decision this week, but that didn’t stop the RBA, BOC, and BOE Presidents from sharing their two cents! What did the central bankers have to say anyway? Read more

Forex Updates: What’s up with Oil?

The Loonie is currently the best performing currency of the week, and may even end up as this week’s champion, since it’s giving all its forex rivals the boot, thanks to the oil rally during the week. So, what’s driving oil higher after the Doha debacle? Read more

Forex Preview: The April ECB Statement

What’s up, forex friends? Planning to trade the ECB’s monetary policy decision tomorrow? If you are and you need to get up to speed on what happened last time, as well as what can be expected for the upcoming event, then this Forex Preview can help you out. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. Employment Report

News traders, huddle up! We’ve got the U.K. jobs report lined up for this week, which means it’s time for another edition of my Forex Trading Guide. Read more