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Why the PBOC’s Surprise Rate Cut Matters

I know we usually focus on major central banks’ monetary policy biases in predicting longer-term price trends, but we also gotta zoom in on the PBOC’s surprise rate cut to see its implications on the forex market. Read more

4 Central Bank Statements You Can Trade This Week

Huddle up, forex fellas! We’ve got FOUR monetary policy statements lined up for this week, which means FOUR pip-tastic opportunities to trade the news. Talk about starting the brand new trading month with a bang! Read more

More BOJ Stimulus, Please? Sincerely, Japan

While the BOJ highlighted the pickup in Japan’s export industry, the latest figures from the domestic economy paints a completely different picture. How bad are things on the home front? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Australian Dollar

Now that February is almost over, it’s time for us to have a quick rundown of the reports released so far this month. In this edition of my Monthly Economic Review, I’ll be focusing on the Australian dollar. Read more

How Yellen’s Speech Downplayed June Rate Hike Expectations

Fed head Janet Yellen sure knows how to play with forex traders’ feelings, doesn’t she? Here’s a summary of her testimony which sparked a sudden dollar selloff. Read more

2 Market-Moving Events Not in Your Forex Calendar

The forex calendar is already chock-full of major economic events that you can trade but there are a couple of potential market-movers that might not have been listed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about these! Read more

What You Need to Know About Greece’s Last-Minute Deal

Right before the clock struck midnight, Greek government officials and EU leaders struck a deal that would allow Greece to get a four-month lifeline and stay in the euro zone for now. Read more

3 Impressive Figures from the U.K. Jobs Report

If you thought the U.K. couldn’t possibly keep up its stellar streak of employment gains, think again! Their January jobs report posted yet another upside surprise, which might be enough to keep the pound supported against its forex counterparts. Read more

3 Main Takeaways from the Latest FOMC Minutes

If you’re wondering why the Greenback sold off after the FOMC meeting minutes were released, you gotta take a look at what Fed officials had to say and why forex market participants thought the report was less hawkish than expected. Read more

3 Reasons Supporting a Loonie Rebound

If there’s one currency that really took a hit when oil prices started sliding last year, it’s the Canadian dollar. But is the Loonie’s downtrend almost over? Read more

5 Things You Must Know About the Greek Debt Talks

The drama ain’t over, fellas! The latest round of talks between the new Greek government and the EU failed to bear fruit, as both sides refused to give in. What could this mean for the euro’s forex price trends? Read more

4 Things to Remember When Trading the BOJ Statement

It will be the Bank of Japan’s turn to take center stage this week, as Governor Kuroda and his men will make their policy statement on Wednesday. Will they put on a good show like most of the major central banks did or will they disappoint? Read more

4 Things to Remember from the BOE Inflation Report

BOE Governor Carney stayed relatively upbeat during the Inflation Report hearings this week, pushing the pound higher against its forex rivals. Here are some of the interesting takeaways from the event. Read more

3 Takeaways from Australia’s January Jobs Report

What a wipeout for the Aussie! The Land Down Under printed weaker than expected jobs figures for January, pushing the Australian dollar lower against its forex counterparts. Read more

3 Signs Showing New Zealand Ain’t Doing So Bad

The RBNZ’s shift to a less upbeat tone may have clipped the Kiwi’s wings, but recent economic reports indicate that the New Zealand economy is holding up pretty well. Here are some figures you need to take a look at: Read more