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Forex Trading Guide: BOC Interest Rate Decision

If you’re looking for a top-tier event to play this week, we’ve got the Bank of Canada interest rate decision scheduled on Wednesday’s U.S. session. Here’s a simple trading guide on how to make pips from this announcement. Read more

Economic Snapshot: New Zealand

Was the RBNZ right to cut its rates in March? Let’s revisit New Zealand’s main indicators to see just how much the external factors have affected its economy. Read more

Economic Snapshot: Canada

Howdy, forex buddies! The Loonie was rather weak last week despite higher oil prices. And if that made you wanna see the “bigger picture” on the Canadian economy, then this economic snapshot can help you out. Read more

3 Things We Like About the Next RBA Governor

Interest rate cuts and hawkish meeting minutes aren’t the only bombshells in the forex arena this month! In case you missed it, the Australian government has also announced the next RBA Governor. Read more

4 Takeaways from the April FOMC Minutes

Greetings, forex friends! The minutes for the April FOMC meeting got released yesterday, and the Greenback reacted by spiking higher. What gives? Well, let’s take a closer look at the details of the FOMC meeting minutes, shall we? Read more

Forex Preview: Australia’s Jobs Report (Apr)

G’day, forex mates! Australia will be releasing its April jobs report tomorrow. And if you’re planning to pillage some quick pips from the Aussie, but need to get up to speed, then this Forex Preview will likely help you out. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. Employment Report (April)

The employment situation is one of the stronger suits of the U.K. economy, but has it been able to sustain its progress? Here’s what’s in store for the upcoming jobs release. Read more

Economic Snapshot: China

Are China’s stimulus programs doing their job in stimulating growth? Let’s take a look at the leading indicators of the world’s second largest economy! Read more

Economic Snapshot: Japan

Konnichiwa, forex friends! The yen was one of the weakest currencies last week, thanks to threats of intervention from Japanese government officials. If that made you wanna see how Japan’s economy is doing lately, then this economic snapshot is just for you. Read more

4 Takeaways From the BOE’s Super Thursday

It’s not called “Super Thursday” for nothing! In case you missed it, we’re giving you the four takeaways from the BOE’s policy decision, meeting minutes, and inflation report as well as Mark Carney’s presser! Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Retail Sales (Apr)

Hello, forex friends! If you’re lookin’ to grab some quick pips from the Greenback on Friday, then just know that the U.S. will be releasing its April retail sales report, and I happen to have a Forex Trading Guide for that top-tier event. Read more

Economic Snapshot: The United Kingdom

Greetings, forex friends! The MPC policy rate decision and statement is coming up tomorrow, so I thought I’d give y’all a snapshot on how the United Kingdom’s economy is doing recently. Read more

4 Reasons Why the RBNZ Might Cut Interest Rates Soon

Looking back at the goings-on in New Zealand almost exactly a year ago suggests that history may be about to repeat itself with another RBNZ rate cut in June. Read more

Does “Sell in May and Go Away” Apply to Forex Trading?

What the heck does the phrase “sell in May and go away” mean and can it translate to forex trade opportunities? Here’s what you need to know. Read more

A Review of the April NFP Report

The April NFP report looked pretty awful on the surface, so the Greenback slumped hard before doubling back and then climbing higher. Wait, what? Yep, you read that right. Looks like it’s time to take a closer look at the NFP report for clues. Read more