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Central Bank Roundup: Part II

In this second part of my central bank roundup, I’m covering those hanging around in the dovish camp. Better use these to figure out what’s next for forex trends! Read more

Central Bank Roundup: Part I

Since we’re seeing a few shifts in central bank biases these days, it’s about time for me to round up how their policy stance could affect forex trends. Take a look! Read more

Monthly Economic Review: The United Kingdom

Greetings and salutations, forex buddies! The pound has been losing demand due to a less-hawkish BOE, a string of poor reports, and more recently, the prevalence of risk aversion. But what about the big picture? Let’s take a look, shall we? Read more

Is the OPEC Ready to Cut Oil Production?

Oil prices have been drifting near their yearly lows, causing oil-producing nations to worry about more declines. Any potential forex moves to watch out for? Read more

Why Trading the Loonie Has Been Tricker These Days

If you’re a good ol’ fundamentals guy like me, you’re probably convinced that the Canadian economy ain’t doing so well. So why is the Loonie staying afloat against its forex peers? Read more

Global Inflation Roundup

Greetings, forex friends! If you’re wondering whether or not oil prices are still weighing-in on the major economies, then look no further since I’ve got a one-stop shop inflation roundup. Does that make sense? Read more

Why the BOJ Refuses to Increase Stimulus

Additional easing? No dice. BOJ Governor Kuroda and his gang of policymakers decided to sit on their hands once more, declining to dole out more stimulus even though Japan is back in recession. Read more

FOMC Minutes: Green Light for a December Liftoff?

The FOMC minutes suggest that all roads lead to a Fed interest rate hike in December. Is the Greenback about to leave its forex peers eating its dust? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: UK Retail Sales Report (Oct.)

Central bank events aren’t the only catalysts than can potentially rock this forex trading week. We’ve also got the UK retail sales report coming up. And it just so happens that I’ve got a handy Forex Trading Guide for that event. Read more

What ECB Officials Are Saying About Additional Stimulus

ECB policymakers seem to have mixed views about the idea of adding more economic stimulus. Here’s what their decision could mean for the euro’s forex price action. Read more

3 Central Bank Events to Rock the Forex Market This Week

Better start your trading preps early since we’ve got THREE major central bank events that could shake things up this week. Up and at ’em, forex folks! Read more

Monthly Economic Review: China

Hello, forex friends! Premier Li Keqiang recently promised to use “powerful policy weapons” to boost growth in China, which included reducing the cost of financing. Woah! Does that mean more surprise rate cuts? So, how is China’s economy doing lately? Read more

Is Australia’s Jobs Market as Strong as the Headline Figures Suggest?

The Australian jobs report for October smashed market expectations, but are the numbers too good to be true? And how will it affect AUD forex price action? Read more

October U.K. Jobs Report: The Good and The Bad

Is the U.K. labor market still stuck in a rut? Here’s how the October jobs numbers are looking and what these could mean for the pound’s forex price action. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Australian Jobs Report (Oct.)

G’day, forex mates! Are ya lookin’ to trade another jobs report? Well, you’re in luck since Australia’s also scheduled to release its jobs report this Thursday, and I’ve got this here Forex Trading Guide to help get you up to speed. Read more