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Forex Snapshot: Canadian Economy

Thinking of trading the Loonie? Take a quick look at Canada’s main economic components and see if you can find any forex trade opportunities! Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Retail Sales (Jan)

Hello, forex friends! If you’re looking for a likely catalyst to pump some volatility into Greenback pairs this coming Friday, then your best bet is the upcoming U.S. retail sales report. And it just so happens that I’ve got a Forex Trading Guide for it. Read more

Primer and Update on The Brexit Saga

Greetings, forex chaps! There has recently been a surge in interest over the possibility of a Brexit, but what is the sudden hubbub all about? And why did interest spike lately? Well, stay awhile and listen. Read more

FOMC Talk: Who Let the Doves Out?

Still scratching your head wondering what’s been bothering the Greenback these days? It must’ve been all this dovish talk from Fed officials! Here’s what they’ve said lately. Read more

Forex Data Matchup: U.S. vs. Canadian Job Reports

Employment numbers from the U.S. and Canada are out! Which report caused cheers and which one stirred concerns among forex traders? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: New Zealand

Despite the prevalence of risk aversion during the recent forex trading week, the Kiwi didn’t suffer as much as the other higher-yielding currencies. Are the underlying fundamentals supporting demand for the Kiwi perhaps? Time to find out! Read more

Forex Snapshot: Central Bank Roundup

Were central bankers busy or what! In case you missed them, let’s review what the BOC, ECB, RBNZ, Fed, BOJ, and the BOE had to say and how they have affected forex price action. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. NFP Report (Jan)

Ahoy, forex mateys! Another NFP Friday is fast approaching! And if you’re gonna trade this event and you need to get up to speed on what happened last time and what to expect, then this Forex Trading Guide is just for you. Read more

Are Global Equities in a Bear Market?

Global equity indices have been tumbling since last year. Does that mean that we are finally in a bear market? And what’s a bear market anyway? Is that different from a correction? Well, time to get up to speed, young Padawan. Read more

BOE Super Thursday: What to Watch Out for

Huddle up, pound traders! The BOE Super Thursday happens only once every quarter so let’s prep for these potential long-term forex catalysts. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: RBA’s Monetary Policy Decision

Now that the BOC, ECB, BOJ, RBNZ, and the Fed have had their say, it’s time to put the forex spotlight on the RBA! Will the central bank follow the others’ dovish footsteps? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Japan

Konnichiwa, forex friends! The BOJ introduced negative rates to its monetary policy arsenal, and forex traders responded by dumping the Japanese yen across the board. But what about Japan’s underlying fundamentals? Read more

Forex Q&A: Breaking Down the BOJ Statement

What the heck is “QQE with a negative interest rate” and why did forex traders freak out over it?! Let’s break down what the BOJ had to say today. Read more

3 Dovish Hints from the FOMC Statement

Hello, forex friends! The U.S. Fed delivered its rate decision and statement, but forex traders weren’t treated to a press conference, which is a real bummer. Nevertheless, the press release did offer some very juicy dovish hints for us to chew on. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Australia

G’day, forex mates! The Aussie’s recent forex price action has been dictated mostly by the prevailing risk sentiment and reports from or about China. But what about Australia’s underlying fundamentals? Let’s take a look, shall we? Read more