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Is the BOJ REALLY Ready to Exit QE?

Just when you thought that most central bankers have already caused enough chaos in the forex market this week, BOJ Governor Kuroda revealed that policymakers are already discussing an exit strategy. Read more

5 Surprises from Central Bank Officials This Week

Central bank officials sure know how to rock the forex markets, huh? Here’s what you absolutely need to know about the latest set of announcements. Read more

Global Inflation Update: Rebound in Core CPI?

Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to come up with another Global Inflation Update for y’all! What might these inflation trends mean for forex price action? Read more

How China’s Surprise RRR Cut Could Affect Forex Trends

While forex traders were still out enjoying the weekend, the PBoC decided to reduce its RRR by 1%. Is this a sign that their economy is in big trouble? Read more

Greek Debt Update: Is a Default Still Possible?

Is Greece still likely to default on its debt and what might this mean for the euro’s forex price action? Here’s a quick update on how things are looking lately. Read more

What You Must Know About the Latest ECB & BOC Statements

Monetary policy biases play a very important role in determining longer-term forex price trends, with any changes in rhetoric usually yielding plenty of profit opportunities. Are we seeing this in the latest rate statements from the ECB and BOC? Read more

Are Australia’s March Job Figures Too Good to Be True?

One glance at the forex calendar shows more red than green these days so it’s a bit surprising to see stellar jobs figures from Australia. What does this mean for the Aussie’s forex price action? Read more

How China’s Economic Performance Might Affect the Forex Market

A quick look at today’s economic calendar reveals that China’s latest round of data all came in the red. If you’re wondering what this might mean for the forex market, then lemme break it down for y’all. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: Australia’s March Jobs Report

News traders, huddle up! Australia is gearing up to release its jobs data for March later this week, which means that it’s time to check out my Forex Trading Guide for this event. Read more

3 Takeaways from Canada’s March Jobs Report

With the BOC gearing up for an interest rate decision this week, let’s take a look at what the country’s latest jobs release could mean for the central bank’s policy bias and the Loonie’s forex price action. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Central Bank Roundup

Here’s a great weekend forex read for those who haven’t caught up on the most recent central bank developments. Let’s see what’s up with the RBA, BOJ, BOE & FOMC! Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Australian Dollar

Since we’re jumping into a new quarter, it’s time for us to have a quick rundown of the recent data from across the globe.  Today’s quick review is on the Land Down Under: Australia. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: U.S. Dollar

Here’s a quick review of recent U.S. data to answer the big forex question of the moment, “will the USD rally get back on track?” Read more

Takeaways from the April RBA Monetary Policy Decision

Once again, the Reserve Bank of Australia holds the cash rate at 2.25%, defying market expectations & sparking strong demard for the Aussie from forex traders. Read more

Was the Latest U.S. Jobs Report Really THAT Bad?

Based on the latest U.S. jobs report, is it time for forex traders to start selling some Greenbacks? Lets take a look at the data and see what’s up! Read more