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Will Brexit Encourage Another Scottish Referendum?

Back in 2014, Scotland has voted “remain” in a U.K. referendum. Has Brexit changed the Scots’ minds? More importantly, will it lead to another Scottish referendum anytime soon? Read more

3 Highlights from the February FOMC Minutes

Hello, forex friends! The minutes of the Fed’s February huddle got released yesterday. And if you somehow missed it, then here are the key highlights from the meeting minutes that you need to know about, as well as the Greenback’s reaction. Read more

3 Factors That Have Kept The Aussie Afloat

G’day, forex mates! As you may or may not know, the Aussie has been trending broadly higher since the end of December 2016, shrugging off any disappointing economic reports that were thrown in its way. What’s up with that? Well, here the 3 major factors that have helped in sustaining the Aussie’s broad-based upward push. Read more

2 Top-Tier Canadian Reports You Can Trade This Week

If you like trading economic releases like we do, then you’ll love these two Canadian economic reports that might affect the Loonie’s forex price action. Check it out, will ya? Read more

Why Italy Might Be The Euro’s Biggest Problem Child

It seems that the euro zone’s laundry list of problems just keeps getting longer, as financial and political troubles in Italy could bring much more pain to the region than Greece or France. Read more

Economic Snapshot: The United Kingdom

Greetings, forex friends! The pound recently got clobbered due to a bunch of poor economic reports. And if that made you want to know how the U.K. economy is currently doing overall, then today’s Economic Snapshot will help you out. Read more

4 Factors That Could Drag the Euro in the Next Few Months

Why is the euro having trouble gaining ground against its major counterparts? Let’s explore four factors that could negatively affect the euro in the next couple of months. Read more

Key Points from Fed Chair Yellen’s Testimonies

Now that Fed Chairperson Yellen’s testimonies are done, let’s sit back and take stock of some of the major points that she made, shall we? Specifically, let’s take a look at Yellen’s views on the U.S. economy and monetary policy. Read more

Forex Preview: Australia’s Jobs Report (Jan)

G’day, forex mates! The Australian Bureau of Statistics will be releasing Australia’s January jobs report tomorrow. And if you’re planning to trade this top-tier event, then you better gear up by reading up on today’s Forex Preview. Read more

4 Reasons Why Politics is Upstaging Monetary Policy

Remember when negative interest rates were the hottest issues in the forex grapevine? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why politics is making monetary policy boring again. Read more

3 Top-Tier U.K. Reports You Can Trade This Week

Cheerio! This week is shaping up to be another eventful one for sterling since we’ve got three top-tier U.K. economic reports up for release. Planning on trading any of these? Read more

Economic Snapshot: Australia

G’day, forex mates! If you’re wondering how Australia’s economy is faring recently, or if you just wanna see the “bigger picture” now that the RBA statement is done and over with, then this Economic Snapshot is just for you. Read more

6 Central Bank Updates You Need to Know Today

With the first month of 2017 already in the rearview mirror, major central banks such as the Fed, BOE, BOJ, RBA, and RBNZ are making adjustments. What exactly are they saying? Read more

Key Highlights of the February RBNZ Statement & Presser

The RBNZ kept the OCR steady at a record low 1.75%. And as a result, the Kiwi got dumped really hard across the board. Wait, what? Why? What did Wheeler have to say? Well, time to find out! Read more

Forex Preview: Canada’s Jobs Report (Jan.)

Canada will be releasing its jobs report this Friday. And if you want to pillage some quick pips from the Loonie and need to get up to speed on what happened last time and what’s expected for the upcoming release, then you better gear up by reading up on today’s write-up. Read more