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3 Reasons Why the BOJ Might Ease Again

To ease or not to ease? That is the question that appears to be bothering BOJ officials at the moment. What do the latest economic numbers from Japan say and what could this mean for the yen? Read more

Economic Data Roundup: Canada

It’s time for another edition of my Economic Data Roundup, forex fellas! Let’s gather ’round and take a look at the latest reports from Canada. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Preliminary GDP

Think the second version of the U.S. GDP report doesn’t have much of an impact on forex price action? Think again! Here’s why you should keep tabs on the upcoming GDP release. Read more

Trouble in New Zealand’s Export Industry?

Uh oh, New Zealand’s trade balance ain’t lookin’ too good! What does this mean for the economy and their currency? Read more

Forex Recap: Jackson Hole Summit

Judging by those weekend gaps among several forex pairs, it looks like a few groundbreaking announcements were made during the recent Jackson Hole Summit! Read more

Making Sense of the Latest BOE Meeting Minutes

BOE Governor Carney and his men sure know a thing or two about giving mixed forex signals! Why did a couple of MPC members vote to hike rates? Read more

3 Surprises from the FOMC Minutes

It looks like the Greenback has been dancing to Taylor Swift’s latest single as it decided to shake off its recent losses when the FOMC minutes were released. What exactly did the report contain? Read more

What to Expect from the Jackson Hole Summit

Mark your calendars, forex fellas! The Jackson Hole Summit is set to take place starting Thursday to Saturday this week. Read more

RBA Meeting Minutes: The Good and the Not-So-Good

Here’s a quick rundown of the latest RBA meeting minutes, their economic outlook, and what it could mean for the Australian currency. Read more

3 Forex Event Risks for the Pound This Week

If you’re trading the British pound this week, make sure you watch out for these three main events set to rock the forex charts! Read more

Is the Euro Zone Headed for Another Meltdown?

Second quarter growth figures from the euro zone turned out mostly weaker than expected, prompting most forex traders to worry that another meltdown might be in the cards. Read more

4 Factors Pushing the Pound Lower

Despite the stronger than expected U.K. jobs data, the pound had a pretty nasty fall in recent trading. What’s pushing the U.K. currency lower? Read more

The Japanese Yen Tug-o-War

Any bets on where USD/JPY will be trading by the end of the year? Do I hear 100.00 or 105.00? Here are the opposing factors playing tug-o-war on the Japanese yen these days. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. Employment Report

It’s a make-or-break week for the pound, as the U.K. has a couple of top-tier forex events lined up for tomorrow: the July jobs release and the BOE inflation report. Read more

Jobs Data Roundup: Signs of a Slowdown?

Are we seeing a slowdown in hiring these days? A closer look at the latest set of jobs reports from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada seems to suggest so! Read more