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5 Things You Should Know About the BOJ’s Policy Announcement

The BOJ’s decision provided the finale for this month’s central bank policy announcements. Did the event live up to the hype? Here are 5 things you need to know! Read more

4 Takeaways from the July FOMC Statement

Hi, forex friends! If you somehow missed it, the Fed released its official FOMC press statement yesterday, and the Greenback tanked pretty much across the board. Wait, what? Yep, let’s take a closer look, shall we? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. Advanced Q2 2016 GDP

The U.S. will be getting the first estimate for its Q2 GDP this Friday, so if you’re looking for a likely catalyst for the Greenback after the FOMC statement, then this is your best bet. And it just so happens that I have this here trading guide to help you out. Read more

Trading the FOMC and BOJ Decisions This Week

Rounding up this month’s set of monetary policy announcements are the Fed and BOJ’s decisions. What are the two central banks up to and what can you expect from the events? Read more

Why You Should Keep Tabs on Australia’s CPI Release

I know we’ve got a couple of major central bank announcements scheduled this week, but Australia’s quarterly CPI release could still steal the forex show on Wednesday. Read more

Economic Snapshot: The United States

Hello, forex friends! Whether you’re gearing up for next week’s FOMC statement, or you just wanna know how the U.S. economy is doing lately, this Economic Snapshot is just for you. Read more

4 Takeaways from the ECB’s Policy Announcements

With the euro zone being the other party in the Brexit divorce, all eyes were on the ECB’s first decision since the EU referendum. What is the central bank up to these days? Here are four takeaways. Read more

A Review of the RBNZ’s Economic Update

Hi there, forex buddies! The RBNZ released its much-awaited economic update earlier today, sending the Kiwi tumbling against its peers. So what did it have to say? Read more

4 Highlights from the July RBA Minutes

G’day, forex mates! If you missed yesterday’s July RBA meeting minutes or you just want the more important stuff that weren’t mentioned in the July RBA statement, then here are the 4 highlights that you need to keep in mind. Read more

4 Things to Remember When Trading the ECB’s Decision

On Thursday the ECB is set to announce its policies for the month of July. Will it unleash more stimulus in the euro zone? Or will it follow the BOE’s footsteps and wait for more data? Read more

3 Top-Tier Catalysts for Your GBP Trades This Week

Think the Bank of England is bound to cut interest rates in August? These upcoming data releases from the U.K. could paint a clearer picture for your monetary policy expectations! Read more

Economic Snapshot: China

Hello, forex friends! China had a data dump last week, and if you somehow missed it or if you’re just curious on how China’s economy is doing nowadays, then this Economic Snapshot can help you out. Read more

5 Takeaways From the BOE’s Policy Decision

So the Bank of England has decided to keep calm and carry on this month. Should you buy the pound, then? Not so fast. Here are five takeaways you need to know first. Read more

6 Key Points from the July BOC Statement

The BOC kept the overnight rate steady and the Loonie spiked against its forex rivals. It even decoupled from sliding oil prices. What’s up with that? Well, here are 6 key points from the July BOC Statement that you may wanna know about. Read more

Forex Preview: Australia’s Jobs Report (June)

G’day, forex mates! There’s a better-than-average chance that the Aussie is gonna get a volatility infusion tomorrow because we’ll be getting Australia’s jobs report. And if you’re planning to trade this event, then get up to speed with another edition of my Forex Preview. Read more