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Economic Snapshot: The Euro Zone

Hello, forex friends! It’s been a while since I did an economic roundup for the Euro Zone. And since there’s gonna be an ECB statement this Thursday, I though that now would be an opportune time to make one. And here it is. Read more

Roundup: Policymaker Updates That Moved the Markets This Week

It might have been a light and shortened trading week for us, but it sure wasn’t a snoozer thanks to these central banker and other policymaker speeches! Did you miss any of them? Read more

Forex Preview: U.K. Retail Sales (Mar)

If you’re looking for an opportunity to pillage some pips from the pound, then just know that the U.K.’s retail sales report will be released tomorrow. And if you plan to trade this event and need to get up to speed, then make sure to read up on today’s Forex Preview. Read more

Brexit Update: Theresa May Calls for a Snap Election

Brexit-related news took a back seat during the past few weeks. However, Brexit got pushed to the front once more after Theresa May called for a snap election yesterday. What’s that all about? And why did the pound skyrocket as a result? Well, read on and find out. Read more

6 Quick Takeaways from the RBA’s April Meeting Minutes

With not a lot of data scheduled, forex traders tuned in to the RBA’s latest meeting minutes printed today. And good thing they did, because the central bank sure had a few points to make! Read more

Economic Snapshot: China

Hello, forex friends! Now that China’s data dump is mostly over, it’s time for another roundup of the most important economic reports. Read more

Q&A: Why Should I Care About the U.S. Retail Sales Release?

Tomorrow at 12:30 am GMT Uncle Sam will print its retail sales report for the month of March. What the heck does the report say anyway and why should you care? Here’s a neat Q&A! Read more

Forex Preview: Australia’s Jobs Report (Mar)

G’day, forex mates! If you’re hunting for a potential catalyst for the Aussie, then huddle up since we’ll be getting Australia’s March period jobs report tomorrow. And if you’re planning to trade this event, then get up to speed with another edition of my Forex Preview. Read more

Trading Guide: BOC Rate Statement (April)

Are you ready for the only major monetary policy statement scheduled this week? Here are tips and tricks on how you can make pips from the BOC’s policy announcement. Read more

Economic Snapshot: Canada

How y’all doing, forex friends? Another BOC statement is coming our way this Wednesday, so I thought that now would be a good time to give y’all a roundup of Canada’s major economic reports. Read more

A Quick Review of the March NFP Report

Hello, forex friends! The March NFP report was released yesterday. And the Greenback reacted by dropping hard and then recovering quickly. If you wanna know what that was all about, then you better read up on the employment situation in March. Read more

Trading Newbies’ Guide to the U.S. Missile Attacks in Syria

What’s up with the U.S. making missiles rain in Syria and why did it cause ruckus in the markets today? Here’s a simple newbie guide for ya. Read more

5 Takeaways from the March FOMC Minutes

The minutes of the March FOMC meeting got released yesterday, and the Greenback tossed and turned, but ultimately tanked as a result. What’s up with that? Well, here are the key takeaways from the meeting minutes that you may wanna know about. Read more

Forex Preview: U.S. NFP Report (Mar.)

Hello, forex friends! We’ve got another NFP report scheduled for release this Friday. And if you’re planning to trade this top-tier event and need to get up to speed on what happened last time and what’s expected this time, then today’s Forex Preview is just for you! Read more

4 Takeaways from the RBA’s Statement (April)

The RBA sure started the trading month with a bang! What exactly did Lowe and his team say and why did they drag on the Aussie so much today? Here are 4 things you need to know about the event. Read more