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How the Jackson Hole Summit Could Influence Forex Action

Heads up, forex traders! The Jackson Hole Summit is already going on, which means that our favorite central bankers and financial leaders are already discussing their economic outlook and potential policy changes. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Canada

As I noted in an earlier write-up, forex traders dumped the Loonie during Monday’s meltdown due to concerns over commodity prices. But what about Canada’s underlying fundamentals? Read more

Global Market Meltdown: Forex Winners and Losers

Talk about a manic Monday! If you thought that the financial market ruckus last week was bad enough, you should know that this week was off to a worse start. Which currencies managed to survive unscathed? Read more

5 Factors Causing Chaos in the Forex Market

Still wondering what led the forex market to twerk it like Miley lately? Look no further because I’ve summed up the factors that caused those crazy moves right here in this article. Read more

Monthly Economic Review: The United Kingdom

The pound has remained relatively soft after the BOE held rates with a vote ratio of 8-1 instead of 7-2, but what do the underlying fundamentals say? Should forex traders keep dumping or avoiding the pound? Read more

Monthly Economic Review: Australia

When China devalued the yuan, forex traders reacted by dumping the Aussie in a hurry. So, is there a fundamental reason for forex traders to be bearish on the Aussie or is everything just hunky-dory? Read more

Greece Unlocks Third Bailout. Now What?

In the latest turn of events from Greece, Prime Minister Tsipras announced that he is resigning and called for early elections. Will this compromise the latest bailout and the euro’s forex gains? Read more

What the July FOMC Minutes Imply About the Fed Liftoff

The minutes of the July FOMC meeting are out, giving forex traders a glimpse of what really went down during the Fed’s latest huddle. So are they ready to hike interest rates in September or what? Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. July Retail Sales Report

What’s shakin’ forex friends? Did y’all catch the pound’s moves after the U.K. inflation report was released? If you’re lookin’ for another potential market-mover, then check out my Forex Trading Guide for the U.K. retail sales report for July. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.S. July CPI Release

Looking for another economic event to trade this week? Uncle Sam’s printing the July CPI readings on Wednesday so y’all better check out my Forex Trading Guide for this release. Read more

Forex Trading Guide: U.K. July Inflation Reports

Brace yourselves, forex fellas! U.K. inflation reports are coming! Better take a look at my Trading Guide to see if the BOE hawks and pound bulls are likely to triumph this time. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Global Jobs Update – Part II

What’s up forex friends? Ready for another round of my awesome jobs data roundup? I bet ya are! After all, winning forex traders are always updated on the latest market data. Read more

Forex Snapshot: Global Jobs Update – Part I

The health of an economy’s labor market has far-reaching effects on the entire economy, which is why winning forex traders always do their best to stay updated. Here’s the first part of my Global Jobs Roundup. Read more

3 Commodities vs. Forex Charts You Need to Look At

Gold and oil prices have recently tumbled to multi-year lows, prompting speculations of another global inflationary slump. How are the commodity-forex correlations holding up? Read more

How the PBOC Yuan Devaluation Could Affect Forex Trends

Market watchers can’t stop buzzing about the PBOC’s aggressive efforts to devalue the yuan this week. What do these moves imply for the forex market? Read more