Daily Economic Roundup – November 30, 2010

What’s on the Economic Horizon

Chicago PMI, CB Consumer Confidence on Deck
Unemployment in Germany to Fall by 20,000?
Canadian GDP Expected to Rise by 0.3%

United States

After EUR/USD tapped the 1.3300 handle, sha-bam! The dollar went blazin’, sending the pair to bottom at 1.3065 before ending the day at 1.3123 with a 159-pip gain! It also posted its fourth consecutive win against the yen when USD/JPY closed 32 pips higher at 84.26. More…

Euro zone

No surprises here, bub! With no big reports released from the euro zone, the European debt crisis continued to direct the euro and sent it lower down the charts. EUR/USD recorded a solid 159-pip slide to end at 1.3123 while EUR/JPY slid 93 pips to close at 110.56. More…

United Kingdom

What’s new with the pound? Nothing new as it seems, as the bears did what they had been doing for the past couple days again yesterday… Sell the pound like there’s no tomorrow! GBP/USD, after retracing some of its losses to touch an intraday of high of 1.5649, was quickly brought back down by the bears to eventually close the U.S. trading session at 1.5573. More…


Although the yen managed to stage a magnificent performance against the euro, the yen found itself on holding on to the short end of the stick versus the pound and the dollar. By the end of the U.S. trading session, the yen was able to post a 100-pip win against the euro, while it suffered a 30-pip loss to the pound and the dollar. More…


The Loonie weakened slightly against the Greenback as its southern neighbor proved to be the dominant currency once again. After rising 90 pips from its opening price of 1.0169, USD/CAD fell back to limit its losses to a 17-pip slide for the day. More…


Along with its com-doll homies, the Aussie fell victim to the dollar’s strength as risk aversion kicked into high gear. AUD/USD was on a rally before it skidded to a stop at the .9700 handle and tumbled to a low of .9567. The pair then inched a bit to close at .9632 with a 56-pip loss for the Aussie. More…

New Zealand

Welcome to the slide party, baby! The Kiwi joined the ranks of its comdoll brethren as it slid against the mighty Greenback. With risk aversion back in play and mixed economic data, NZD/USD had almost no choice but to fall 50 pips to a new monthly low at .7471. More…


Action on USD/CHF in yesterday’s trading was as intense as Sunday’s football match between the Texans and the Titans. The pair dipped to .9988 after it opened the week at 1.0032. It then hustled to 1.0043 before slipping back down to close the day at 1.0001 in favor of the Swissy. More…

  • donkeykong

    this is huge. i’ll have to pick 4 currencies and read only those.
    which one?
    I’d say eur-usd-jpy-chf

  • donkeykong

    this is huge. i’ll have to pick 4 currencies and read only those.
    which one?
    I’d say eur-usd-jpy-chf