Daily Economic Roundup – March 3, 2011

What’s on the Economic Horizon

ISM non-manufacturing PMI to tick up
ECB Rate Decision Today
Swiss Retail Sales: Positive Surprise?

United States

The U.S. may have printed a better-than-expected ADP report, but this did almost nothing to end the dollar selloff. USD/JPY inched 3 pips lower to 81.89 as EUR/USD continued its uptrend and rose another 95 pips to finish at 1.3866. More…

Euro zone

Bears tried to be chill while waiting for a chance to pounce but the euro was so hot that they melted! EUR/USD ended yesterday’s trading 95 pips higher from its opening price while EUR/JPY closed at 113.55 after opening at 112.81. More…

United Kingdom

With positive data and risk appetite backing it up, the pound transformed to a spankin’, hot-off-the-press iPound 2. Ha! GBP/USD skyrocketed to its closing price of 1.6328 after it bottomed at 1.6216. More…


No wins here! The yen walked away with a draw and a big loss as it took on its two biggest rivals yesterday. A pretty uneventful day had USD/JPY practically unchanged at 81.89 while EUR/JPY jumped 74 pips to 113.55. More…


With risk appetite rampant in the markets, the Loonie was able to hold its ground versus the dollar in yesterday’s trading. After hitting an intraday high of .9776, USD/CAD dropped during the New York session to finish the day at .9725, closing 25 pips lower from its opening price. More…


Australia had great news for Aussie traders yesterday, but the Aussie hardly has anything to show for it! A couple of upbeat reports were only able to push AUD/USD 29 pips higher to close at 1.0152. More…

New Zealand

The Kiwi dropped faster than a Travis Barker beat to its 10-week low at .7384, before ending yesterday’s trading at .7432 with a 48-pip loss to the dollar. Ouch! Why? More…


Taking advantage of the any weakness, that’s what the Swissy does best! With the dollar weaker in yesterday’s trading session, USD/CHF once again plunged lower on the charts, closing 60 pips lower to finish at 0.9237. More…

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