Daily Economic Roundup – April 14, 2011

What’s on the Economic Horizon

U.S. PPI and Weekly Jobless Claims On Tap
G7 Meetings Begin Today

United States

It was a mixed day for the dollar, which advanced against the euro but failed to do so versus the pound. EUR/USD dropped 33 pips to close at 1.4444, while GBP/USD stayed within a tight range of less than 70 pips and ultimately closed at 1.6267, up 14 pips on the day. More…

Euro zone

Just like Lady Gaga, the euro slipped and fell during its performance on the charts yesterday. EUR/USD tumbled from its intraday high of 1.4521 and closed the day 33 pips lower from its opening price. Ouch! More…

United Kingdom

The pound was as chill as a snow cone in winter! It simply shrugged off yesterday’s not-so-upbeat employment data and refused to give in to bearish pressure. GBP/USD finished the day 14 pips higher at 1.6267 while GBP/JPY ended 25 pips higher at 136.32. More…


After storming up the charts to start the week, yen crosses pretty much stayed within range and consolidated yesterday. EUR/JPY closed 14 pips lower to end at 121.04 while GBP/JPY gained 25 pips to finish at 136.32. More…


Whew, that was close! The Loonie ended yesterday’s trading with a 5-pip win against the dollar after an intense joust for pips. USD/CAD bottomed at .9587 before rallying to its intraday high of .9655. Just before the day came to an end, it traded lower and closed at .9625. More


Looks like the Aussie found its mojo! After struggling to catch a wave earlier this week, the Aussie finally surfed up the charts yesterday, as AUD/USD gained 53 pips to finish at 1.0506. More…

New Zealand

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s up the charts we go! Staying true to its uptrend, the Kiwi continued hiking up the charts yesterday as the comdolls sought higher ground. When all was said and done, NZD/USD closed 45 pips higher at .7885. More…


Up or down? Buy or sell? The markets couldn’t seem to make up their minds about the Swissy yesterday! They pushed and tugged it all over the place, but in the end, it was practically unchanged against the dollar as USD/CHF finished at .8964, just 7 pips below its opening price. More…

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