Trade Review: GBP/USD


Sorry if I seem cynical about last night’s trade in my chart review, but that’s how most of November felt for me. As mentioned in last night’s Pick, I said if the pair can sustain a move above 1.9545 it will move to the R2 at 1.9632. So, the pair shot up, except at one point – that one long red candlestick in the middle of the move. It was just enough of a pull back to stop out our trade before continuing the rally in GBP/USD. Arrrrggghhh!!! So, we suffered another loss to end the month. Now that November is over, it’s time to regroup, shake off the losses and look for new opportunities in December to finish the year out strong!

Lot 1: -30 pips
Lot 2: -30 pips
Total: -60 pips