Pick of the Day

Long-Term Support on AUD/JPY?

Spotted a simple technical forex setup on AUD/JPY that plays into the longer-term trend higher and has a positive carry. Read more

GBP/NZD Forex Trade Review & GBP/USD Short Idea

Here’s a quick forex trade review on my GBP/NZD loss, and another idea to short GBP/USD on a pullback into the strong downtrend. Read more

Forex Trades Updates & Adjustments

With the weekend approaching, I decided to make a few adjustments to my open forex trades and trade orders based on this week’s events. Read more

Shorting GBP/NZD into Downtrend

It looks like sentiment may be shifting to the downside for the Sterling, which makes the technical short forex setup on GBP/NZD attractive. Read more

Swing Forex Short on NZD/USD Range

Good morning forex friends! I’m checking out NZD/USD this week since volatility may pick up with important inflation data coming this week for New Zealand. Read more

Swing Short Setting Up on Cable?

Got a potential forex market mover from the U.K. coming up Tuesday, so I’m looking at a simple Fibonacci play on GBP/USD to get into a swing play. Read more

Short-term Retracement on CAD/JPY?

With oil weakness and European weakness still driving forex price action, I’m checking out a simple Fib setup on CAD/JPY to play the current market drivers. Read more

Entry Adjustment on USD/CAD

USD/CAD moved higher through the holidays without a pullback, so here’s a entry & position adjustment to play my long bias with the shift in price. Read more

Forex Review: Reflecting on My Q4 2014 Performance

After a bit of time off to relax, it’s time to kick it back into gear for 2015, starting off with a review and reflection of my Q4 2014 forex blog performance. Read more

Forex Retracement Play on USD/CAD?

Now that the FOMC event has passed, I think it might be time for a pullback in recent USD strength and Loonie weakness. Is there an opportunity to jump in the USD/CAD trend higher? Read more

Forex Trade Review: USD/CHF Long

Closed my USD/CHF long early as the technical setup for a long position is invalidated with the recent shift in sentiment. Here’s a quick forex trade review. Read more

Forex Trade Review: NZD/CAD Long

Decided to close my long-term NZD/CAD long as the pair retests a seemingly unbreakable psychological level. Here’s a quick forex trade review. Read more

Short-term Trend Higher in USD/CHF?

Starting off the new forex trading week with a simple technical setup on USD/CHF. With the short-term trend higher, is a pullback a good time to go long? Read more

Forex Trade Review: AUD/CAD Short

With big event risk coming I decided to lock in profits on my AUD/CAD short. Here’s a quick forex trade review & follow up thoughts after the BOC decision. Read more

Forex Trade Review: GBP/USD Short

A great start to the week for me as Cable made the extra move lower to retest strong support and my profit taking orders at 1.5600. Here’s a quick review! Read more