Pick of the Day

Forex Trend Higher in USD/CAD?

For the new forex trading week, I’m starting out with a simple trend setup on USD/CAD. Will the trend be my friend this week? Read more

Shorting Back into the EUR/USD Downtrend

With a big pop today in EUR/USD and forex volatility, I’m jumping in to play the longer-term downtrend at a potential resistance area. Read more

Simple Technical Short on GBP/USD

I don’t know if it’s overdone, but I’m looking to play the bullish dollar sentiment that’s dominated lately, with the help of U.K. data this week. Read more

Long-Term Long on NZD/CAD

The Kiwi has been getting beaten down for months, which makes it an attractive buy on a good looking technical setup in NZD/CAD. Read more

Forex Review: Reflecting on My Q3 2014 Performance

It’s time to reflect on the market opportunities, as well as both the good and bad decisions I made. Here’s my reflection on my Q3 forex performance. Read more

Forex Trade Review: USD/JPY

Risk aversion took over this week, which typically means broad gains for the Japanese yen. The risk-off move was so strong though that I had to get out of my forex trade. Read more

Putting Orders in for USD/JPY Long

I’m going with a simple forex trade setup on USD/JPY, to try to grab a few pips before some potentially game changing events at the end of the week. Read more

Forex Trade Review: USD/CAD Long

The Greenback saw another leg up today, pushing USD/CAD in my favor. With the rally stalling at minor resistance, I decided to lock in profits & move on. Read more

Just a Pullback in USD/JPY?

Can it be? Finally, a decent pullback in this massive USD/JPY rally? It’s too early to tell but there might be a setup for a short-term swing on this raging bull. Read more

Long USD/CAD after the FOMC

Took a swing on on my forex watchlist pair after today’s FOMC meeting. Greenback buyers took control against the Loonie at interesting technical levels. Read more

Watching USD/CAD for Uptrend Support

There’s a nice uptrend in the works on USD/CAD, and with an active forex calendar for both the U.S. and Canada, we could see volatility rise to create good opportunities. Read more

Forex Review: EUR/CAD Short

The forex trend is your friend–until it isn’t anymore! That’s what happened with EUR/CAD as it broke above my technical arguments to stop me out. Here’s my quick review. Read more

Swing Short on EUR/CAD

Looks like I have chance to jump into euro weakness thanks to a simple forex trend pullback setup in EUR/CAD. Is it too late to catch the strong momentum? Read more

Closed Short Orders on EUR/AUD

It’s safe to say I missed the boat on the EUR/AUD drop since the pair couldn’t reach my short orders ahead of the ECB meeting. Time to close up my orders and do a quick review. Read more

USD/JPY Update & EUR/AUD Short Forex Idea

Here’s a quick forex review on my USD/JPY idea from last Friday, and a fresh idea to hop back into a EUR/AUD short. Read more