GBP/USD: Major Support Broken!

Trade Idea: 2012-5-31 03:20


Isn’t that a beauty? Cable, after testing major support at 1.5650 for four straight days, finally broke through. The break was extremely convincing for me since the yesterday’s candle closed very near its low. Additionally, this setup has also been pointed out by Big Pippin on his daily chart art, giving me even more confidence to go take it.

But it’s not just that. On the fundamental side of things, concerns about the euro zone still continue to dominate market sentiment and weigh down higher-yielding currencies like the pound. Call me a pessimist, but with Greece teetering at the brink of default and Spainish bond yields rising to unsustainable levels, I don’t think that investors will easily get out of the safety of the U.S. dollar.

I will be on my toes for the outcome of the top-tier reports we have from the U.S. Honestly, I have no idea what their effect on the dollar will be. If they come in better than expected, the currency could get sold off as risk appetite may kick in or it could also rally because it would give investors a fundamental reason to seek the dollar even more.

Meanwhile, there are also two scenarios if the figures disappoint expectations. The dollar could lose against its counterparts as investors could shift their focus and worry about the U.S. economy. However, they could also fuel risk aversion and highlight the dollar’s safe haven appeal even more.

And so, I will wait and gauge how the market reacts to the U.S. GDP and NFP reports before deciding if I should hold on to my trade over the weekend or not.

Anyway, since I think the pair still has a lot of downside potential, I decided to sell at market. I’m ultimately aiming for new lows, but I’ll be taking some profit off the table if the former low at 1.5275 gets tested.

For my stop, I’m going to base it off the 20-period Average True Range (ATR). Basically, I’m going to use a volatility stop. Since the 20-period ATR of the pair is 86 pips, I think a stop loss of 100 pips is enough to give my trade enough room to breathe.

Trade idea:

Sell GBP/USD at market (1.5473), SL at 1.5573, PT at 1.5275, 1% risk. Risk Disclosure.

There ya go, folks! What do you think of my trade?



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  • Granticus_Maximus

    I’m in on you with this one Huck. I just entered at 1.5480. I listened to a high profile fundamental trader last night who stated that he’s short until 1.53000 so that’s when I’ll exit and then see what happens I think. I was highly considering shorting last night (Aussie time) at a little below the major 1.57000 handle not long before going to bed… Kind of regretting not following my gut now! XD

    • huck

      Ouch! Now you’re a bit late. I hope it still has some room to move… I hope the bears still continue to push the pair down lower. With the NFP coming up, we may see another wave of risk aversion!

      • Anish241984

        If you look at the weekly charts the 15480 lines up with a longterm trend line and fibonacchi retracement level i think you shoud have waited to see if this level breaks before going short

        • Granticus_Maximus

          Broken (^_^)

      • Granticus_Maximus

        Yeah, we’re both a bit late… BUT, we’re both still up 100+ pips, plus I added another entry at 1.5000 🙂 …what’re your plans for today / the weekend? The PMI reports come out in about 2hrs which could potentially either support or break our trade (or do nothing at all (>_>) …lol).

        I’m going to put my stop 10-15 pips above where market trades at the time of the report to lock in the profits IF it goes against us. If this is the case I might short again after the spike because this bad boy’s continuing to go down in my opinion. If it goes our way, I’ll hold on and see where it takes us (or close at around 1.3000).

      • Granticus_Maximus

        Woohoo! Just bagged a little over 200pips. Just closed my 1.5000 position at 1.39900. How is yours coming?

        • huck

          Did very well. Will post a new blog in a few minutes!

  • Daniel

    look on the monthly and youll see a nice triangle and it will give you a good idea where the price is going 🙂

  • Jolly Est Roger

    Hi HuckleKiwi Pip

    How do I find
    ‘   GBP/USD: Major Support Broken!    ‘

    on Twitter ?



  • puttacat1

    Iv bagged 860 pips so far from entering and exiting on each S/R level =)