Catching the Dollar Rally on EUR/USD – Took Profit!

Trade Update: 2012-3-4 22:18

EUR/USD 1-Hour Chart

I promised that I would sell the pair if it goes back to the 38.2% Fib level or if it breaks below February 29’s low. And I kept my word!

Upon seeing EUR/USD make a new low, I sold two positions. I risked 0.5% on each and set different profit targets. My first PT level was at 1.3250 while the second one was set at 1.3200. The stops for both positions were set at 1.3365.

It looks like I was right in anticipating that the EU Summit would do the euro more harm than good. According to Pip Diddy, finance ministers decided to hold off Greece’s second bailout. Whew!

Anyway, here’s my total gain for this trade:

First PT hit at 1.3250: +60 pips
Second PT hit at 1.3200: +110 pips
Total: +170 pips / +1.5% gain

I must admit that I’m feeling preeettty good right now. Hopefully, I can bag another win this week.

Trade Idea: 2012-3-1 00:15

Will you look at that drop! It looks like EUR/USD is revving up for another bearish rally, giving me a chance to go short! This time, however, I’m going to be more patient and actually wait for a retest of broken support OR a break of the previous day low before going short.

You can check the chart I posted below for my potential entry levels. I have highlighted them with purple boxes.

EUR/USD 1-Hour Chart

My bearish position is also confirmed by the break of the neckline of the double top on the longer time frame. If you look at the 4-hour chart, you’ll see the price actually topped out around 1.3485 yesterday, forming a very clear double top. When a double top is found at the end of an uptrend, it usually hints that the trend is about to reverse.

If you did your homework and read Pip Diddy’s Daily Forex Fundamentals report, you probably know that the dollar rallied yesterday on Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s not-so-dovish speech. I’m thinking that his remarks have not yet been completely priced in by markets, or at least we’ll continue to see its bullish effect linger on the dollar in today’s trading. After all, the euro is not yet out of the woods despite the ECB’s second LTRO coming in around the market consensus.

I read somewhere that EU leaders are meeting today and tomorrow in Brussels. The most significant issue on their agenda would probably be the size of the ESM. A lot of economic gurus have said that more money needs to be added to the 500 billion EUR bailout package to calm investors. However, I think that Germany will still be as stubborn as ever in ignoring the idea.

If I am right, this would only lead to political tensions among leaders and would probably be bearish for the euro.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wait and see. I will keep my eyes glued to the charts and see whether a pull back to the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level or a break of yesterday’s lows will happen. I’ll be sure to let you know on Twitter and Facebook where I jump in. Wish me luck!



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  • Fasmail2005

    Hi, i have been following your HLHB system and seems quiet stable at this stage. however i am not sure if i should use it on 1hr TF or 4hr TF? what would you recommend? and lastly if you tell me on 1hr TF what settings should i use for RSI.

    • huck

      I patterned it according to the Amazing Crossover System (… which is a pretty profitable system that uses the 1-hour timeframe. So I am more inclined to say that I like that timeframe better 🙂 

      RSI is set at 10. You can find more details about my system in my previous blog post:

    • huck

       I use the 1HR and an RSI value of 10. 🙂

  • Ccm

    Hi, what is your tweeter address?

    • huck

       @LoonieAdventure 🙂

  • Steve Rogers

    Hey Huck,

    Looks like you saw your conformation of the resistance slightly lower at 1.3356 and shortly after that a break under the 200 period MA and we’re under the 50 MA for the 4hr.  Looking solid on those shorts.  I’m looking forward to seeing how your strategy goes.  Enjoy collecting those pips.