Winner: Best Forex Trading System for July

The votes have been cast, and the tribe has spoken! The Best Forex Trading System for the month of July is…

The MACD(addy) Divergence System by jenesaisquoi!

His system is simple enough. It uses the MACD indicator to spot divergences, while Stochastic is used for confirmation. jenesaisquoi claims that its best used on the 1-hour and 4-hour charts of the major pairs, particularly the 1-hour chart of EUR/USD.

It has become a pretty popular choice among our forum users. And why not? It made a killing last week! It gave both short and long signals on EUR/USD and they all ended up winners!

To learn more about the system or to see if it continue its winning streak, just drop by the MACD(addy) Divergence System discussion thread. You’ll be pleased to know that jenesaisquoi uploaded a copy of his trading template for all of us to try out.

Of course, we should also give props to last month’s runners-up who submitted piptastic forex trading systems of their own.

And with the end of the July contest, a new one begins! The title of the Best Forex System for the month of August is now up for grabs!

Why submit a forex trading system?

I urge you all to submit your entries for the month of August not only to get a chance at winning the contest, but also to help your fellow traders as well! You also get feedback on your system so that you can tweak it even more and improve its winning percentage and reward-to-risk ratios.

To sweeten the pot even further, I’ve decided to share the improved mock-up of the badges that we will be putting up on the front page for the winner of the Trade of the Week and the Best Trading System of the Month.

Here’s the cool graphic that our designers have cooked up:

Front page badge

What do you think? I personally think that they’re pretty sweet. They’ll be placed right on the front page with the name of your system, your user name, and corresponding forum link for the whole community to see!

Why vote?

For those who aren’t interested in submitting systems to the contest, I invite you to participate by voting on which you think is best. It’ll help us find the so-called “Holy Grail” system… or at the very least help YOU find the system that suits your personality.

If you’re having a tough time figuring out what kind of trader you are, my fellow FX-men have created some personality quizzes to help you out.

Should you be a discretionary, mechanical, or hybrid trader? There’s a quiz for that!

If you’re wondering what kind of mechanical system suits your personality, there’s a quiz for that, too!

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