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Recent Developments in Algorithmic Trading

How has the algorithmic forex trading scene fared so far? Here’s a quick rundown of the latest developments that you need to know. Read more

8 Types of Algorithmic Forex Strategies

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Algorithmic Forex Trading: The Basics

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Price Wars Among Forex Brokers?

Ooh, it looks like the competition is heating up between some forex brokers! Word through the grapevine is that FXCM Australia and DMM FX Australia are battling it out with ultra-low fixed spreads. Read more

Keeping Up with the Bitcoin: Part III

It’s been a while since I last gave y’all a set of updates on the bitcoin so here’s a new one for the forex traders out there who are also into cryptocurrency trading. Read more

3 Reasons Why Forex Trends Might Slow Down this Q4

Heads up, forex fellas! The strong trends that we saw in the past few months might slow down towards the last stretch of the year, thanks to these three market factors. Read more

CFTC COT Positioning: Are Forex Trends Overdone?

Judging by the sharp dollar selloff that took place at the beginning of this week, it looks like forex traders are starting to book profits and gearing up for a potential market correction. Read more

Forex Market: Waking Up Before September Ends

It looks like the forex market jolted back to life last month, as volatility surged and trends were sustained. Can we expect market conditions to stay like this for the last stretch of the year and how should you adjust? Read more

CFD Trading vs. Spot Forex Trading

With several similarities to forex trading, it’s no surprise that CFD trading has garnered a lot of interest. Here are the main differences you should know about. Read more

What in the World is CFD Trading About?

Looking for a little more adventure outside the spot forex market? Here’s a quick introduction into CFD trading and how you can profit from it. Read more

August Forex Industry Metrics Picking Up?

The return of market liquidity, clearer monetary policy biases, and less geopolitical uncertainty… Are these translating to a pickup in forex industry metrics so far? Read more

Is Forex Market Volatility Ready to Surge Again?

Now that the lazy summer days are over, traders might be returning back to their desks to catch the remaining forex market moves towards the end of the year. Is volatility likely to pick up starting this month? Read more

What You Need to Know About Algorithmic FX Trading: Part IV

After doing a bit more research on algorithmic FX trading, I’ve decided to add another article in this series. This time, let’s look into proposed regulations for this part of the forex industry. Read more

Forex Social Trading: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Several forex trading firms have adopted to what’s trending these days and found opportunities in social media integration. While some have made good progress, others have failed to take off. Read more

CFTC COT Forex Positioning Update – Aug 5th, 2014

The latest CFTC Commitment of Traders report shows some noteworthy trends in market sentiment and forex positioning. Check out the update here! Read more