Currency Cross-Eyed

Bearish Divergence on GBP/CAD?

To get back in the forex markets, I’m going with a pure technical setup on GBP/CAD. Is that a bearish divergence that I see on the daily charts? Read more

Forex Weekly Watch: Oct. 20 – 24, 2014

Forex volatility spiked up some of the highest levels of the year last week, which may continue this week, creating more opportunities in the crosses. Read more

Shorting EUR/CAD as Resistance Holds?

With the fear trade calming down a bit, I spotted my usual technical setup EUR/CAD to possibly play my bearish bias on the euro. Is it a good time to short? Read more

Forex Review: EUR/GBP Short

No luck on my EUR/GBP short setup as market sentiment when into fear mode on both U.K. inflation data, global growth data, and Ebola fears. Read more

Forex Weekly Watch: Oct. 13 – 17, 2014

Based on last week’s forex price action, it looks like we’ve got both ranging and trending setups from the major currency crosses to check out! Read more

Support Turned Resistance on EUR/GBP?

For my first trade of the quarter, I’m going with a textbook support break and retest on EUR/GBP. Is the pop higher an opportunity for forex players to jump back into the downtrend? Read more

Forex Weekly Watch: Oct. 6 – 10, 2014

Looks like we’ve got a change of direction in yen pairs, which sets up potentially new trend plays in the crosses for forex traders to jump on! Read more

Q3 2014 Forex Blog Review

Somehow, I got lucky once again with my forex trading in the third quarter, but as we always say, we can always do better. Here’s my Q3 performance review! Read more

Consolidation Break Coming to GBP/JPY?

With forex volatility picking up all over the markets, it’s an unusual sight to see price action in GBP/JPY contracting over the past week. Read more

Forex Weekly Watch: Sept. 29 – Oct. 3, 2014

Last week’s consolidation in forex price action has setup for interesting break out opportunities ahead of a potentially active week in the crosses! Read more

Forex Trade Review: AUD/CAD Short

Spotted a potentially bullish chart pattern on AUD/CAD which had me thinking that this move is done for now. Closed up to take forex profits into the weekend. Read more

Short-Term Swing Short on EUR/GBP

Spotted a beautiful short-term technical setup on EUR/GBP that would make a great addition to my near empty portfolio of forex trades. Are the bears back in control? Read more

Forex Weekly Watch: Sept. 22 – 26, 2014

Last week’s momentum moves in the crosses means Fibonacci retracements in this week’s forex watch. Check out the charts on EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, & GBP/JPY! Read more

Locking in Profit on AUD/CAD Short

Looks like I caught a bit of luck with my AUD/CAD short forex trade as the breakout lower still had momentum. With the pair now testing a minor support area, it is time to manage the position. Read more

Momentum Break of Parity on AUD/CAD?

I’m going with a potential long-term short forex trade in AUD/CAD as the pair breaks below a major area of interest on strong momentum. Read more