Why I’m still bearish (for now) on the U.S. Dollar.

In the next two videos (five minute each) I explain my continued bearish stance on the U.S. Dollar. I’m open and frank about my positions that are relying on continued weakness or at least a flat dollar and where I will change my opinion about the negative sentiment.

There’s been a lot of talk about why the dollar “should” go up and my take has always been that by the time I hear it, it’s been “baked into the cake” aka already discounted.

That’s not to *dis* fundamentals. I simply feel that the rally from February 2 – 12 may have been when the fundamentals were moving the U.S. Dollar Index higher.

For those of you who are thinking “Raghee I’ve heard there will be a rate hike.” Well, watch the videos and see for yourself what the Fed Funds futures are reflecting and then ask yourself how realistic is a rate hike before October to December this year? I don’t feel we’ll see one until late this year or early next. Not my opinion…simply what the Fed Funds seem to be “saying”.

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