Weekend (mini) Webinar: Trading Styles

Today in the Forex in the Morning chat, I had a question about “scalping” and how that fits in to a trader’s strategy. Ah, not an easy question when trying to categorize what market trend “scalping” fits into but it is a style that many traders employ so in this video I explain what it is and what environment it is best suited for!

There are four strategies I use. Three are “core” strategies and one is “aggro” or aggressive. Momentum, Swing, and Trend Reversal strategies are “core” while Distribution Fades (playing inside an wide trading range) is aggro.

The bottom line however is that underlying market psychology or market trend dictates which I will even consider.

Enjoy the video, it runs about seven minutes.

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  • hhn2002

    awesome video explaining your definition of scalping!

  • buster

    seems to be lots of words about nothing

  • elsig

    I agree with you on your definition of scalping!
    On the other hand, traders will often talk about swing trades lasting 3 to 5 days because the get questions about it, and that’s just a simple way to average it. 3 to 5 days suggests that the person is trading 4hr charts. So when people talk about duration of trades it because they have a particular time frame in mind. It gives newbies and idea of how they might develop their trading style with time. And that is not nonsense!

  • Grammy

    The video was very explanatory..

  • madjr

    great vid, definetely people should use the style depending on the market conditions and not on their believes or thinking the market is there to adapt to them.

  • Matt Ashton

    I feel your frustration. It does not have to fit into a time frame/period. Just like you said, you can reach your proffit in day 1 , or less. For a point of theory support, yes the books are good, but in accualy helping in a real trade, that is subjective to the trader. Great video by the way, expecting more of them. Good luck and a clear, open mind.