Webinar: Mistakes that Traders Need to Recognize

This is a webinar I recently did and I think there’s plenty here for both the new and experienced traders to benefit from. The idea is to be honest about mistakes I made very early on in my career and to share points that are not the usual “mistakes” that are often discussed.

Any time you can recognize errors in your trading process – from finding trades to choosing pairs or time frames to mental mistakes – you can take steps to being to address them…that’s what this talk is all about.

The topics are geared more to mistakes that are common to the way I trade and ones that I notices novices tend to make so, yes, this talk is probably more suitable for new traders or at least traders new to my style of trading.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave ’em here.

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  • Travis Williams

    Excellent webinar. T’was definitely more intricate than the typical “Top ten mistakes” lessons. That was time well spent. Thanks!

  • Martin.P London

    I would like to thank
    for producing an excellent video in my humble opinion all the basic
    facet’s of learning to trade have been covered in a simple short
    and concise manner.

    I wish that I have had
    this trade plan a few years back when I first embarked on trying to
    figure out how to trade FX it would have saved me months of hard work
    and long hours not to mention the loss of precious capitol .

    It would suggest that
    traders take note of what Raghee
    say’s in her presentation it is 100% common scene and it will most
    defiantly help you in your path to becoming a better trader.

    Well done Raghee
    you are a Star xx

    • JOH

      Excellent. I’ll try to absorb all 10 on a trade by trade basis. Ta. John.

  • Godly

    Thanks a lot Raghee, that was really helpful. I was committing a few of the mistakes you mentioned every time i trade.

    One question (Newbie). The DMAs you mentioned (200,50 &20) are they ‘displaced’ MAs? if so whats the displacement value?

  • Jimmy

    I’m new, made a few of these, a couple I figured out before I made them, the others I was probably going to make, or will make if I don’t pay attention. I’ve passed it on to trading friends. thanks for taking the time to make these webinars!!!