Webinar: EUR/USD, my entry, exits, and nuances all explained

The title says it all. This video runs almost 30-minutes and is a follow up to my prior update the Forex Two Minute Drill where I explain my EUR/USD fade sell.

I get into a lot of detail regarding the entry, how to deal with the “00”, how and when to trail a risk-based stop to a break even and trailing stop as well as how important the profit target is to the whole trade management process.

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  • yas

    very very very good
    thank you

  • Raghee Horner

    Questions? Comments. The only “dumb” question is the one you don’t ask. 

    (Well that’s not ENTIRELY true, there ARE dumb questions but NOT from BabyPippers!)

  • ascms

    I also thank you for the video.  I am a newbie and as you said perhaps you could make a video about entry, exits and stops on a less complicated pair setup.  Also thank you for the links to the other sites.  Lastly, this live right so where do I go to be able attend your webinars?  I loved the 2 minute drill you did the day before, I would like to see more of them. 

  • ascms

    So if have a strong dow(stocks) you will have a ‘weak’ dollar.  Then I believe you said  that oil effects the $ … so if oil is higher the dollar will be weaker?  If so then a that effects the usdcad which should cause the loonie to strengthen and move the pair up?!  Am I correct?  So if the above is true then that would effect the asucad as well?

  • Lorenzo Gonzalez

    Raghee,  since yesterday i was going long on the eur/usd and now today sept 1 it just suddenly drop down to 1.42 !@ragheehorner:disqus can you enlighten me with.. what really went on.. i was so sure about it going up :/

  • Stephen Miller

    Very good webinar… i love babypips.com too and all the free stuff here. Thanks a lot 😉