Want a look at my open and pending trades?

The USD/JPY got everyone’s attention but for me this was mainly follow-through from last week’s pullbacks. I don’t want to scramble in with everyone else – I’d rather build a position on corrections when I have a trend.

Good News!

There are many trends that are coming back! So far May has been generous and while I often transition to more of a daytrading approach to stay nimble through Summer, I am not willing to jump off this “short yen” trend.

In this video I give you a look at my open and pending trades…most of which are firing on all cylinders today. There are still some misses here and I share it all with you; it’s all about transparency!

Just for today, here’s my daily audio podcast

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  • john F. alright


    I find it very interesting to two major institutions (JP Morgan and Chase I believe) are currently betting on the opposite side of the USD/JPY. It will be interesting to see who is right over the next few days. How that deflation may be raising its head in the U.S., Japan was able to put its economy back on track, but for how long? I wonder when I the US will accept such a disadvantage for its exports as its economy is barely growing.