Trends Explained in 11 minutes.

I have been waiting for a pullback on the 240-minute USD/CAD and it’s here. The set up as well as my view on trends are explained here in this video, just 11 minutes!

I look at the uptrend in the USD/CAD as well as the downtrend in the AUD/USD along with explanations of how I identify CLEAR trends.


By the way, if you have comments or questions, leave ’em here at the blog!

  • Digitalgypsy5720

    Great video.  Thanks!!

  • Jonathan Baldie

    Another great video, Raghee the Great!

  • Raghee Horner

    Thanks very much, I appreciate the feedback. I’m planning on doing more like these throughout the month.

  • Clyder

     Excellent video Raghee. BTW, Bearish Div has shown up on 5 minute chart for NZD/USD (not sure if that’s considered a reliable signal at that level), but stoch also shows oversold on 4 hr(3 pm est)

  • tawanda

    Hi Raghee, I have been using babypips to gain some knowledge on forex and today I stumbled upon your videos. I must say they are well presented and quite easy to follow. One quick question, what is the right approach to trading for a beginner? With the flood of information out there it becomes a bit tricky to know the best way to use all that information, any tips? Thanks

    • Raghee Horner

      The approach for a beginner is the same as an experienced trader: focus on the market phase – that’s the message of the market – and then choose the strategy that would best put you in a position to capitalize on price action. In the video above I focus on trends and the strategy behind that. There are also non-trending markets and reversals to consider. You need a strategy for each.

  • Harvesto09

    Hi I’m a newby to trading and my concerns are which specific indicators give you the confidence to make a trade and be confident a win or loss is justified and could you possibly make a video of you identifying a trade and then creating the order and inputting an order as it’s all confusingly new
    Would you suggest a training course maybe ? If so which one ?

    If you can’t it’s fine and thnx
    Take care

    • Raghee Horner

      Indicators should be used based upon the market phase – that’s always been my approach so for exameple, it I am gauging a breakout or breakdown, I’ll focus on the MACD Histogram.

      I would suggest beginning with the course right here at

  • Tegacomputer

    I only have two questions for you good guys.

    Question 1. In head and shoulder, should the two shoulders be of equal height?

    question 2. In double bottom and top, should the two tops be of equal height?

    • Raghee Horner

      My view of H&S patterns is that they are essentially a neckline and it’s the quality of the neckline that is most important. Also consider where the pattern is developing within a trending or non-trending market.

      As far as tops and bottoms. They key is variance: What’s the different in pips between the highs (or lows) and that will give you the area that you will focus on for an entry. Now if the market is consolidating then look for a breakout or breakdown but in a more volatile, wider range, there is a chance that price action will exhaust at the highs (or lows). In those situations, I fade.

  • life brave

    Hi can you post a trascription of the video in English please….because I’m Italian and I don’t understand well the video!! Thank you