Trade Lesson: USD/CHF

While I do often focus – almost solely – on my five-minute Between the Greens set up this time of year there are sessions where there are other time frames with solid set ups. Triage is how I discover these opportunities and it’s all about comparing time frames and their market phases.

The next step is to identify the Directional Bias. This step can be done first but it’s more about understanding if there is a trend on the daily chart and then what direction I will focus on and which time frames are right for certain types of entries.

Finally I make sure I have not neglected the economic calendar and the fundamental environment that I am stepping into. The USD/CHF swing set up is also explained but this series is as much about understanding the mood of the market as it is the set up and trade ultimately which I did end up taking.

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    excellent blog post , thank you ! 

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    The next step is to identify the Directional BiasRead more: