This is how I manage trades and profit targets.

This is a talk that I thought that traders would benefit from. Oftentimes there is so much emphasis on the entry that the management is often not discussed enough and we all know that without a SOLID exit plan (stop loss AND profit targets) the wheels can fall off the wagon on a trade…

The emphasis is on the aussie dollar since the open positions in this video involved the aussie…

I still have a piece of the EUR/AUD and AUD/CHF positions live as of today.

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  • saad

    excelLent work. can u plz contact me on i have some questions and querys n wan to get the answers. its really really important. i know its difficult for u but if its possible then plz. contact me. thanks.

  • Raghee Horner

    Please feel free to ask them here if you wouldn’t mind.

  • madjr

    oh no stop loses !
    i suspect these were day trades so you were constantly monitoring them?

    anyway very useful tips, but would like to know what broker you recommend?

  • Martin.P

    Hi Raghee i enjoyed your video , but the one thing that i found confusing was that you had no s/l on any of your trades ? in a future video can you explain your reasoning why you don’t use stop losses . Thank you

  • InvestmentCapitalSystems

    awesome! though I trade automatically, the software or the automated trading systems application does it for me 🙂