The details of my GBP/NZD Short & How I trade economic events explained!

This morning in today’s chat room I was reviewing the positions I entered on the kiwi weakness triggered by a handful of RBNZ Gov Wheeler’s statement.

Yes, sound bites can move a market! But more importantly I outlined the process I go through to see if the volatility is something that leads to a trade entry. You see I am not trading the volatility for the sake of the movement alone – I am MORE interested in where that price movement leads the pair.

In this case it triggered three entries: The GBP/NZD, AUD/NZD,and NZD/JPY.

I get into all the details of how you can understand these events and set up trades accordingly. Here’s the video:

If you like this video I have another for you: Are the pairs you choose set up to win?


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  • Ben

    Wat can i do to trade like u

  • tbel

    Hi! Thanks for the vid. Can you tell us what tool you’re using to draw arrows on your charts, and how you get the multi-colored candlesticks? Thank you!