Setting Up a Momentum Entry: Placing Your Orders

I get quite a few questions regarding order entry and the truth is this topic is probably not discussed enough.The bottom line is that without order entry all the most rockin’ chart work and best trading plan in the world cannot be executed.

In this five-minute video I talk about how I place my order to take advantage of a sideways market using a bracketing strategy.

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  • Fede

    Very helpful, thank you, I’ll try to do it my self now 🙂

  • Ali_imran_amin

    How have you set your brackets … ?

  • Ahsana


    i am not the one using mutiple rest-supp
    i five minute chart i wait it break and entry, am i late enrty?

  • Saad

    realLy gud.

    vl try to imply on my trades. as m not very gud in that but surely vl try. Thanks 🙂