My trio of trades (based on RISK AVERSION) have triggered.

With the push from Wednesday’s rally, the corrections in the trends on the U.S. Dollar Index and EUR/USD have triggered. Now the question is that has the RISK APPETITE of Wednesday exhausted?

The headline jobs number was a slight dissapointment and this could be all that the market was waiting on to justify another push from Wednesday’s bullish momentum.

If risk is indeed being taking OFF the table, then look for the larger trends to continue which means strength in the dollar, weakness in the euro, and exhaustion in U.S. equities.

The video is a follow-up to my previous update and shows where these three charts are now in relation to the set ups I discussed then.

  • Nic

    It took only 15mins to 1 hour for the pair to go up 200pips but when it comes to descending, the pair is literally “crawling”. After 4-5 days , it could only manage 100pips down. All these talks about short term rally seems “off the mark” most of the time. The pair may not rally but it certainly is not collasping at the moment. With the eu summit on this week, it will not be surprising for the pair to “rocket up” again if any news/actions view by market to be positive is concieved.

  • Gman333

    Seems that this greenhorn can’t find out what the hell a “pip” is.  Seems your are starting a bit late for those of us who believe in “No Child Left Behind”.  Just need a good charting program which features simple moving averages, Parabolic SAAR, and MACD, but would look at much more if it is available.    gman333

  • Forex

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