It was my birthday but the presents are for you…

…it’s been a long Summer that I am happy to see starting gearing up for Fall. While I don’t think everyone is quite back, September 1st inched us all that much closer to the coming market volume and my 38th birthday. I think that we should still focus on the day after Labor Day for everything to get back into the full swing of things.

I think a perfect way to shake off the Summer doldrums is with some videos. I have a two-part webinar here that I recently recorded with you all in mind and it covers one of the more popular questions I get which is how to gauge risk and reward expectations. In other words…How do you figure out the placement of your stop loss and profit targets?

I have some unique ways and tools to accomplish this and and always I hope you find these videos to helpful.

Each video runs around 30 minutes in length so it’s broken into two nice “bite size chunks”.


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