Do you have 9-minutes? Check out this video of my USD/CAD set up.

In this nine-minute video I somehow manage to discuss the Dow’s ceiling, crude oil’s break of the century mark and the fundamentals surrounding it, as well as the set up I am seeing on the USD/CAD and how great it is that the intraday time frames are in “slop”.


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  • Rtmason7


    I am a newbie.  I like your analysis.  Seems to ba a balanced appproach between technical and fundamental analysis.  I’m wondering where and when you project you’ll open a position in the USDCAD?  Can you estimate a trigger price?

  • Raghee Horner

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I like to think that as a chartist I can still respect the impact of fundamentals without that knowledge taking me too far from the “truth” of price action.

    The USD/CAD triggered a short  at the parity level which was joined by my 34 period EMA low, 200 period SMA close, and the 20 period SMA close all being reached.

    The video was designed to emphasize the importance of all those levels as well as there place in the context of the USD/CAD downtrend.

    Thanks for your question.